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Coin Contest -- Show us your costumes!

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...and Jocelyn, (the princess...who thought she should sleep in her fancy dress last night : )




OOOH! The sweet princess here gets my vote for best costume! Mainly because I've got a sweet little 2 1/2 year old princess of my own (currently downstairs in my bed with her stuffed kitty, taking a nap) who refused to remove her earmuffs that I bought her for a whole day because they were so 'cool' and I understand how adamant they can be about not wanting to take something they love off :)


Great pics everyone, loved the bad, indian princess and pop devil, too, but that little princess just gets my vote!


Naomi :(


My vote I submitted earlier :P

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hello, I need to explain a few things before I show my costume pics


first. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!!! its been my fav holiday for many years,


3rd ,, so I ve allways loved to be someone Im not for just 1 day its gr8,, this lil obsesion started when I was young!! each year I try to out do the year before on the costume front,,,,well over the years its turned into a big project now, last year I was a high roller devil ,,, this year I decided to use some of the costume from last year to help save on the cost of the costume,,,Ive been knowen to spend alot on parts of the costumes,, but alway have super results!!


about a lil over a year ago,, I got really really sick with infection in my body, I coulda and was border line of dieing because of the infection. After about 250 bucks in anti infection meds(pills) and 3 weeks of fighting infection,, it was time to undergo an operation. I had all 32 teeth pulled out in one sitting, but at least im alive!! :(


so this year with all in mind above, I decided to become an old man with razor burn!!!!! using liquid latex,and makeup,,, I spent close to 8 hrs in the mirrior!!! creating wrinkles,and making everything look as real as possible. This is a Home Made Costume,I did not buy facial pieces or a rubber mask,this is hard, teedious, make up work. I Love it...but sure am glad its only once a yr.


whew! oh,, and No I did not shave my head eather ,,still have all my hair!! :)


So with out further adue,, at 25 yrs of age,, I present to you,,"OLD MAN WITH RAZOR BURN"









I like this one; what creativity!!!

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This is our daughter & her husband, (the 2 hippies), and our two grandaughters, Jade, (Hannah Montana), and Jocelyn, (the princess...who thought she should sleep in her fancy dress last night : )




Time's up -- the little princess finishes just a squeak ahead of the sci-fi costume. Some votes came in off-line, remember!


Congrats, BVnLJ -- please send me your address and I'll get your coin out as soon as it comes in!


Happy Halloween!

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Wow this is so cool, thanks you guys. Just got home from work and figured I'd check out our email and forums before I plunk down on the couch to relax a bit before dinner and lunch packing, and was really surprised by this. :anibad:


Thank you very much joefrog, your generosity is appreciated and I'll be watching the mail. I'll post a picture with Jocie holding the coin once it comes.



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congrats lil one!!


Im afrade my costume dosent get any better then that!!1 next year I probably wont go crazy,,, takes to much time,,this year I think I spent a total of 12 hrs putting my costume on...oh well, well see when next year comes..


thanks for the chance at a coin!

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We have a winner, the lovely princess has stolen your hearts, and isn't she a cutie! Great Sci-Fi costume, KoosKoos, and DJJ Rock awesome makeup jobs. The parties looked like grat fun. Thank you for playing, hope you had fun, thread now closed. Cointest has ended. Halloween costumes are fun and creative, so I kind of hate to close this one, but there's always next year!

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