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Halloween Cointest


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Well, on Halloween we give treats to our neighbours and friends visiting. So, this is a chance to give a treat to one of your neighbours in the geocaching community.


For this cointest, post the name of someone you think is deserving of winning this cointest, and why. You are allowed to name only one person per post, but you can make a new post every hour if you wish. The one condition: you must know the person's address, so if your nomination wins you can tell me where to send the coins. Nominations are open until midnight tonight (forum time). I will then review the posts, but given the fact this will probably be a tough choice, I may resort to a random number generator to pick the winners.


1st Prize: XLE Gold/Regular Black Nickel G-Files geocoin pair

2nd Prize: XLE Nickel/LE Black Nickel Glow G-Files geocoin pair

3rd Prize: LE Copper/Regular Nickel Geocash IV geocoin pair


Cointest is open!

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She is not a big frequenter of these forums, but she is very active in the geocaching community and dedicated to the advancement of our hobby. She has been in a leadership role at eveyone of our Allegany State Park GeoBash events and is currently(God help her) the President of our committee. She spearheaded the push to get us to be a Not-for-Profit, she actively mentors local cachers, she donates to events (not just ours) and she is a member of our state organization, NYGO and an officer with them.

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Ok well, I have a few people in mind that I think should receive this coin so I will start now and hopefully get through them as I pop back to my computer through out the day!


1. Geo-Gophers: Alison (well, actually Harvey) was the recipient of my very first mission package. I had no clue what I was doing and sent her a package by the SLOWEST method possible (I was floored at the price of postage!) and I swear, it was taken to Scotland by turtles. They were slow but reliable and when it finally got there, Alison was so nice about posting pictures and her reaction to the package. I have noticed that she is always a gracious mission package recipient and goes above and beyond to make the SENDER feel like a million bucks! Hope you win it Geo-Gophers!

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When I saw this topic, two coiners came to mind. I hope I've got the time before I go to work to nominate both. So, in no particular order, here is the first:


I nominate LoriDarlin'. She is (literally) one of the most giving people I know in the geocoin community, and in more than just a 'geocoin' way. (Thanks, Lori! :) )

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I would like to nominate Team Pink, a geocacher, not a coiner.


Team Pink have taken quite the leadership role here in NE Arkansas, an area with geocachers but not quite the forum-frequenters. They organized a meet-and-greet just two weeks ago, and have set up a CITO event for tomorrow: two events in as many weeks! They have adopted several caches that have been muggled, damaged, or otherwise fallen out of disrepair in an effort to keep the tupperware "out there" and to keep geocaching fun for this part of the state. While not coin nuts per se, they are really making an effort to support geocaching, without which we would not have coins.


Thanks for the cointest, and the tupperware IS out there!

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I think Gardengorilla is deserving of a coin. It is tough adjusting after a move, especially when your new home is half a world away!


Besides, if I ever get a chance to visit Down Under again, it will have to be on the cheap! I have to get in peoples' good books so we don't have to stay in hotels. :)


Just kidding Bernice! Hope things are going well in Perth!

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I wish I knew where to start, I really do.


For now I'm going to start with Chantal. She is so active in her own area with events and with her pathtag trading and coin designing. But more than that, over this past year she and I have chatted 4 or 5 times a week and we're always calling for our cabin boy, Clagon, who comes with unlimited chocolate and island drinks and tight jeans and washboard abs... and he can't talk, but he gives great massages :). We both work in customer service, so we understand what the other is going through, and we give a lot of support to each other.


For those reasons and more, I nominate Chantal of PengoFamily...


Naomi ;)

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we would like to nominate someone who has a dangerous job...This person is the only correctional officer at the facility that holds the ever dangerous Dark Yimes...Even as we speak, he is hard at work trying to find his sole escapee...The yimehunt is underway, and he will not rest till this dangerous villian is caught and returned to the Yime Pen.......

So, we nominate Yemon Yime............

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We dont know where to begin, we have so many friends here in the forumns, we consider ourselves lucky. We have never ever won a geocoin in the forums ever, but that doesnt matter, what matters here is that we consider ourselves lucky to be blessed with so many friends here.


If we have to choose one person, it would be so hard. Everyone that is our friend you know who you are, and we are proud to call you our friend, but there is one pitcular person I like to mention first on my list and that is...I like to nominate my wife. My wife is donated to so many people, charities, just given coins away to people that have a heart desire. She is given so much in the geocoin/geocaching community. She is always by my side when it comes to going geocaching, and for those that don't know her she is handicapped, but this hasnt stopped her from being invloved in geocaching. She is with me as much as possible. When we go geocaching I try to make the experience the best as I can for her. If there is hikes she cannot go to, I take along a walkie talkie and tell her what is in the cache, I take pictures of the area for her to see, I try to make the caching experience fun for her so she doesnt loose interest. She love the hobbie just as much as I do. So first of all I would have to nominate my wife Valarie. More name to mention along the way.


Happy Halloween everyone.


Barry of sweetlife

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I would like to nominate Tamster56


She has never won a cointest here and her coin collection is very tiny (she only has seven coins that I have gifted to her). She really loves geocoin and she is always going through my coin collection and is always asking what new coins I have received recently. Also, her job has just cut way back on her hours and she just started divorce proceeding and could use a little something good in her life. :)

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My coice would be for two people....Eartha and FSM!


These two people generously give of their time and energy to keep us from killing each other, from posting rude or unfriendly content etc. They caringly watch over us and lend helpful hands when needed, yet are tough when needed!


They volunteer their time and are thanked sparingly...for this, I say THANK YOU my friends!!

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I would like to reciprocate and nominate mousekakat. Naomi is such a kind hearted person. She is always there when another cacher in these forums needs some cheering up. And yes we do chat often about our jobs and dreams of a deserted island. She has been through so much yet her outlook is always positive. I think she really deserves a coin. I know it would be cherished in her collection. Plus she is also involved in other things. :);) She has a big heart!! Very big!!


And what about you Pete?? You aren't always around the forums but whenever you are, you seem to be giving away something. I think you should give yourself one of your own coins. B):mad: Glad to see you posting!!!

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There are quite a few people the that I think deserve to win, so I will have to post over the rest of the day. The first person I would like to nominate is Solan109. I sent a message to Solan asking how I could buy a Princesscake coin. Instead, Solan very kindly sent me one just out of kindness. Thanks so much Solan!

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There are so many nice people I have in mind but, the first one that I thought about is tsunrisebey. I met her for the first time at GCF and she was just so friendly and warm. We traded in the past and she was very happy to see me. Sure wish we could have talk a little bit longer but there were so many people to see that we just had a short conversation. I sure hope I'll meet her again one day.

So, my first choice is Stephanie :)

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I know I'm a new guy, but I'd like to put one out there.


Mrs. JeepCacherz is my nominee. We are both relatively new to caching, so we created a single login and she doesn't ever get onto the forums. I admire her deeply and would love to see her win a coin without knowing about it. A little background as appropriate for the cointest:


Mrs. JC is a former Army Nurse who now works on the Med/Surg unit of a local Hospital. As I type this, she is not only maintaining her position at the hospital, she is also in the process of transferring to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of a sister hospital so that she can work with infants. She is an amazing, intelligent, compassionate, strong and giving individual. We have no children, but she makes the time to do little special things for her nephews and nieces (godchildren). Above all that she does in caring for others, she still finds the time to be an amazing wife and friend to me. She puts up with all of my troublemaking and takes better care of me than I could ever do for her. As if all that isn't enough, she continues to be a part-time student too.


Recently I learned of geocaching. When I shared the information with her, she lit up with a smile from ear to ear and seemed to burst with enthusiasm. Everytime we go out on a hunt, she seems to get more and more enjoyment from it.


We go camping in the Kisatchie National forest as often as we can. She couldn't wait to go geocaching during this this past trip. In one of the caches, she found a geocoin. She was so intrigued by the idea that she gave up her favorite University of Louisiana shirt koozie as a trade so she could participate in moving the coin along. Within a couple of days after we returned home, she purchased several coins of her own to send out. One came in Tuesday night. She walked in from work at around 8:00pm, worn out and ready for dinner/bed. When she saw the coin, she lit up again. LOL, we went out at 11:00pm and logged the cords for a location where she intends to hide a 'geocoin travel depot".


I know there are people well deserving of the coin on this board for their contributions to geocaching. I certainly don't mean to minimize their contributions with my nomination. I just admire Mrs. JeepCacherz and can't pass the opportunity to toss her name in the hat.



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Then I want to nominate Castle Man, Jim.


He's rather quiet, for the most part, but he's very generous with his time and his resources, doing charity coins, and other things for those less fortunate.


This past year he's given me so much encouragement and friendship. He's really been there for my family and I, and he's really become like a part of the family here.


He's enriched our lives a lot, in so many ways!


Naomi :)

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I would like to nominate Arf2-D2. She does not post much in these forums but she is really generous and nice!! She has created a pathtag for charity to raise funds for the Red Cross for the earthquake victims in China. Tracee was also kind enough to trade some tags for me at GCF since I was unable to attend. I just got the tags back and there was a mystery one thrown in with my trades. She didn't receive one. I offered to send her mine since she did all the work for me but she insists that I keep it.

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Ok, a little behind in posting but here is my second nominee...


2. Write Shop Robert - he has created so many games and cointests for the geocaching community without asking anything in return. He is a very friendly guy who puts so much effort (and money!) into seeing others have fun. You have a great spirit WSR!

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Ok, a little behind in posting but here is my second nominee...


2. Write Shop Robert - he has created so many games and cointests for the geocaching community without asking anything in return. He is a very friendly guy who puts so much effort (and money!) into seeing others have fun. You have a great spirit WSR!


For the reasons already stated WSR gets my vote too.

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The second person I would like to nominate is LadyBee4T. In the short time I have been on these forums, I have seen tons of kindness and cointests from LB4T. In fact, in one of her recent cointests, the answer was spoiled before anyone was able to answer correctly, yet since I was close, she sent me a prize anyway! Thanks so much LadyBee4T!

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What a neat cointest! There are so many geocoiners who have been kind and a joy to call my friend, how to pick? The first act of kindness came from OverTheEdge who not only gifted us our first coin, but sent one of their personal coins along as well and asked that I just "Pay it forward". I have tried to live up to that since. So for my first nomination, it is OverTheEdge.

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There are so many people to nominate.


I would like to nominate Tennessee Jed. He has always been very generous in trading with me. And he is setting free a HUGE bunch of coins. He is adopting them over to a lot of cachers here on this forum then releasing them so they can watch them travel. That is a very generous thing to do with 400 geocoins +.

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I'd like to nominate Michele of GPX Navigators. She is a huge coiner and she does so much in the pathtag forums and for geocoiners too! She was nice enough to help me out at GCF as well and trade pathtags for me. She got lots of neat ones! She is always willing to help a person out and she is a good friend as well!

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I vote in the hour but not exactly in a hour because i most go so and i want to nominate more name.


As you get the change then you must take that change. :)


I want to nominate ElliPirelli when she saw my smilemissions she turned her traveling smilecoins in a smilemission.


And when she saw my heartdesire she send me 2 coins which one was a smilecoin.


This smilecoin i have send to australain who today arrived by the geocacher who is going to place it in a cache.


the smilecoin in australian


Maybe somebody thinks why is she talking every time about the smile mission.


This mission is very important for me i don't want to share this on forum because it is very personal.


But you have to believe me it is ;)


If we all can give the world a smile i truly believe we can make the world a better world.at least a happy world. B):mad::mad:

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For my second nomination I would choose Rockin' Roddy.


It seems like no matter how bad things can get he always sees the light at the end of the tunnel. That and for his willingness to help educate all of us about bike safety. I just got back from a road/caching trip from CA to AZ and back and kept noticing all the motorcycles on the road. Everytime I saw a motorcycle I was reminded of Tod and some of the things that Roddy said in the recent cointests.

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Well there is one who is always giving and never asks for anything in return and that would be Geo.Error. If you see she places smile coins around the world and brings happiness to alot of caches.

For no reason other them how great she is after a quick hello to my 7 year old she has sent her two of her own coins. Just because she can.

Error always has a nice and warm word to say that would make anyones sad day look bright.

I vote Geo.Error.

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My second nomination goes to Tsunrisebey, for raising the bar on geocoin designs, generous to everyone in the community and using geocoins in a positive and creative way, whether it be a cointest or fundraising. I do wonder sometimes if people actually realise the time and effort that is spent by some folk in this community, so thanks for the cointest to allow us to express our appreciation ;)

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My last vote..is for a lot off people because i most go to bed now.


I know they will not win anything now but i want to give you all there names.


For helping with my smile mission.


Mousekakat for giving me a smile pathtag for my smilemission. ;)

Southpawaz who immediately understand that i want a smilecoin in usa. [he understand me more from me as i think] :sad:

River cacher who gives me with out no reason gifts and is also going to set a smilecoin free in idaho. :D

To cheesypigs who also believes in spreading smiles and has set a smilecoin free in australian :D

To a coiner who don't want her name her mention but knows i speak now about her, thanks for your 2 smilecoins and for believe in me.

For jabs who set a smilecoin free for me in ozzie :D and who always tease me so that i always have a reason to smile.

i want to say thanks to team fireboy who has give me the first smilecoin. threw her came i at this idea.


Thank you all for helping me , for believe in me and for be friends to me. this means so much i never can make it up with you all.


I want also say thanks to my chatmates................you make my day every day beautifuler :D


I want to say thanks to al coiners and mysteriecoiners who give and give and want nothing in return. :D


Thanks islander1988 for this cointest and for giving me the change to say thank you. :D


Everybody i forgot please write your name at this log, i get now a little bit emotional so sorry if i miss you but you are all in my heart :D

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