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I've been having some problems with the Tracking Topics component of the forum for some time now. I use this feature in other online forums without issue, but it's just not working for me here.


Let me backtrack - it USED to work BEAUTIFULLY! But over the past year, it's been spotty and now it doesn't work at all. Here's what I've done.


When at Groundspeak Forums > Geocaching Groups by Region / State > West and Southwest > Poison Oak Cachers I click "reply," type my message, click the "notify" box, then click "add reply." Under "My Controls" if I "view topics" I see it there, but I don't receive the notifications anymore.


I know, I had to click on the link and check out the forum in order to receive additional notification, but I'm not GETTING any in the first place :)


I have tried unsubscribing and resubscribing - no dice.


Please help...I'm missin' out on my local cachin' events!



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Could it be an email issue?

It COULD be, but I've cleaned out my "blocked e-mail" (there are none), the Groundspeak autonotifier is in my address book and the notification for YOUR response to THIS thread came through just fine.


Maybe it's a Poison Oak thing! ;)



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It would appear that you have been designated for reassignment. This may or may not change after Tuesday.


Tuesday?? Is there update's for the forums coming??


So far mine work's ok, I click and fill in the enable email notification of replies and about three reply's (sometimes more sometimes less) I get a email alert.

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