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Rembrandt Geocoin

Team Van Stoffelen
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The artwork is done, samples are being made of the Rembrandt Geocoin. This coin has a theme the Dutch Master Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn and his masterpiece the Night Watch. I expect the coin to be available in december of january.




This trackable coin is 1.75 inch square and has it's own icon. Both sides have 3D elements. Each coin is uniquely numbered.


Regular versions of this coin will be sold at geocoinshop.de. It is not decided yet what versions will be sold at geocoinshop.de.


There also will be a few XLE versions made that will not be available through geocoinshop.de. The following XLE versions will be made: Silver/Gold, Silver/Antique Copper en Black Nickel/Foggy Silver.


A Black Nickel/Gold version will also be made, but this one will not be available through me. Of each XLE version only 11 will be made.


More info? Just send me a PM through my profile.


Greetings, Rian Huiberts (Team Van Stoffelen)

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I think that will look amazing! One of the highlights of our time in the Netherlands in 2005 was our 'museum day' in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, most of the Rijksmuseum was closed due to renovations, but we were able to see Rembrandt's The Night Watch. It just amazes me that it was cut down on all four sides from its original size just so that it could fit on a wall in Town Hall!!!

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At geocoinshop.de most likely will be sold the follwing versions: Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Antique Copper, Silver/Foggy Gold (LE), Silver/Black Nickel (LE) and Antique Silver/Foggy Gold (LE).


XLE edition will mot be sold by geocoinshop.de, but are available being distributed by me. If you are interested in a XLE edition, please do send me a PM.


Greeting, Rian

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After receiving wrong samples two months ago, I just heard that next week new samples will be shipped to me. If I will approve these samples the XLE coins should be available the end of may. Should... becourse sometines it looks this coin doesn't want to be made.


As soon as the samples are approved I'll let you know what definitive XLE editions will be available. By the way. All reservation will be confirmed by me, and no money will be asked untill I have the coins in hand and they are ready to ship.

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