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COINTEST! Time to twiddle your thumbs


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So, as some of you know, I have been unfortunately unemployed in a stagnant economy. It's been a rough go, but there are reasons to celebrate! I had a first, and second interview for a job I've wanted for a long time, and it seems like things went well. Now, I wait. I have to wait until next week for the rest of the interviews to be completed before I know if I should do a really big happy dance or not.


So, up for grabs will be a Cache Bug coin, green, for a randomly chosen post within this thread!



1 post per person, please Let's make it interesting...get your keyboards ready...1 post per HOUR per person, please. That way we get some more options for that generator to deal with!

Tell us why you hate to wait, rather, What BUGS you about waiting? :unsure:

This cointest ends 10/28/08 at 10am PT (Portland, Oregon, USA)


I will use a random number generator to pick the winner, so have some fun with your answers, but PLEASE keep it on topic!


Have fun and...


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Why I hate waiting....


well... I am getting stressed and stressed! every day that passes, strange thing are coming in my mind! "was I good in the interview?", "Did they liked me?", "They are not calling, they found someone better", "What to do now? shall I call them? No, it will not be nice... What to do??",.... you got an idea!


Actually even if you are in a date and your girl is not in time (as always), you hate waiting! "Will she come??" , "Jesus they are all watching me! I look rediculous", "What time is it? when she will be here? What??? 15 minutes passed???" :)


See??? :unsure:

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I hate waiting, I don't want to wait for the postvan, it always comes late and gets later every day which means I get to go out later, 'cos I'm always waiting for that postvan and the days are getting shorter, so the longer I wait the shorter my day gets - and that really bugs me :unsure:


p.s. Good luck with the job, I hope they don't keep you waiting too long and they give you good news - and quick !

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When I was waiting for my first son to be born, before they let me into the delivery room I had to wait out in the hall. This was at about 4am. Partway down the hall was an old lady who cried out "I hurt, I hurt!" the entire hour I had to wait out in the hall. That wait was was terrible.

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I'm waiting on snail mail...

for a very special coin for a very special junior cacher....

for her birthday mission....


The coin has to travel from US to NZ, then wrapped and sent to (well, that would be telling, but it will zag the zig back past where it originated!)


Everything else is ready for the mission, but this coin is just perfect for her....


Every daily mail, I hope. But the snail does not deliver....

waiting is so hard........

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Actually, I am usually pretty patient when waiting - but I hate waiting behind people in a line when they ask stupid questions ~ wherein the answer is obvious or should have been obvious. I also hate waiting for the results of medical tests.........cause the outcome can be so scary and life changing.


Thanks for the cointest!

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A few thing most of us all hate to wait for:




to be noticed by that certain someone

recognition for a job well done

our next meal

for the next open stall in the restroom

the next really cool geocoin release

the next really cool cointest (thanks for this one by the way)

the kids to move out (but they do come back, for awhile)

quitting time.


feel free to add to the list....................

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