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Edit: Is it the yellow etrex that you own????

Now if you want to buy an easy to use GPS


If you aren't interested in buying mapping software, just the GPS for geocaching.....


Recommendation: Venture HC - high sensitive antenna, color screen, USB port. I would avoid the Garmin B&W models due to lack of USB.


If you want mapping but don't have a boatload of money to spend...


Recommendation: Legend HCx or 60Cx... If you want (you don't need) a magnetic compass, then get the Vista HCx or 60CSx... The x means a micro-SD card that you can load lots of maps....


If money is no object then I'll let others give the recommendation because I haven't tried the Colorado or Oregon series.


The reason I wouldn't recommend the Triton is the high learning curve plus the many problems people have getting it to work and communicate properly with their computer. The Explorist by Magellan is discontinued but if you can get one real cheap, they will do a fine job of geocaching.


I should add that you will have to buy mapping software separately if you want to get it. Units come with a basemap, but it's just really US highways, Interstates, and some major state highways...


Good luck.

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There are many eTrex receivers, which one do you have?


I'll second the Venture HC nomination. Nice low price (if you get it at the right place), color screen, basemap, and usb. I find it very easy to use. But if you have trouble with electronic toys, any gps will give you fits :-)


The Venture is the only handheld I have experience with though...

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