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Vista HCx drifting 300+ feet

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In a topic debated extensively, which seems to be the most successful software / GPS software version to use on the Vista HCx? I have Software Version 2.7, GPS Software Version 2.6 and am still randomly experiencing the drift problems, in some instances well over 300 feet of both horizontal and vertical inaccuracy.


And, how does one go about downgrading the GPS software version should I go that direction? There are many forums blowing off steam, and rightfully so, but there seem to be some successes with certain combinations.


Please share your experiences - today this thing had me walking 300 feet to the side of the trail I take all of the time, with a reported GPS elevation that was exactly 300 feet too low.


Help is much appreciated.

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There seems to be some negative feedback already showing up for 2.8 and 2.8, so I'm going to skip the upgrade. Could I roll back to unit software 2.7 / GPS chipset software 2.5 somehow? I found links to roll back the unit software, but am not sure how to do it with GPS chipset software.


A few folks mentioned that GPS chipset software version 2.5 was the last reliable version?

Maybe it doesn't actually matter what version of the unit software is running?

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I have tried several version combinations. For the last several weeks I have been using the latest 2.80/2.80.


So far, these latest versions have been the best. The Trip Computer page, which in some previous versions has been defective, is running very well. The tracks have been within the normal error range for a consumer GPSr. And, so far, I have not experienced the drift which I did in earlier versions and which you seem to be having. I have been using the latest versions for about 10 to 15 hours of hiking under various conditions.


So I would say, give 2.80/2.80 a try. Elsewhere on the Forum, people have posted links and instructions for installing earlier software versions if you want go back.



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Ok, great, based on 2 positives, I may give it a try.

Can someone post the link to the rollback in this topic? I haven't been able to find it.


Actually, I think more than two people have reported positive results. Unfortunately, discussion of this drift problem has been spread around four or five threads over the past several months here on the Forum. I guess that's the nature of an active forum like this one. If you try it, let us know what your conclusions are.


Here is a link to the message in which the location of previous versions is discussed. Hope this helps.



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I have been running 2.70/2.30 with great track results. The odometer is off, but I care more about being able to tell where I am at and where I have been versus how far I have traveled (besides I can always get distance from the track log). As for 2.80/2.80, I think the jury is still out. I have read postive and negative reviews, which seems to be pretty much par for the course as of late with Garmin. I have no plans to "upgrade" at this time but I will continue to monitor the feedback in hopes that Garmin finally gets it right.


Good luck and be sure to share your experiences.

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I hiked 6.5 miles with it yesterday under what I'd consider moderate cover. I'm running 2.8/2.8. I did not experience the drift issue yesterday. However, that blue error circle on the map screen does seem unusually large at all times. Not as large as I've seen when it drifts, but still too large when the unit is reporting accuracy to +/- 20 feet.

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My Vista HCx with 2.80/2.80 behaved perfectly last weekend - 3 days trough woods, small canyons and rough terrain.

The only problem I experienced (and 3 other friends with Colorado, another Vista HCX 2.30/2.30 and Vista HCX with 2.60/2.60) was altitude error (weather changed in the morning). On 600mnv, barometric altimeters started with 488-510mnv, but GPS elevation was OK. I and Colorado guy corrected it manually, and other 2 vistas corrected it automatically in 10 minutes.


In 3 days, my vista didn't have any drifts (precision was always 2-5 meters), but Colorado struggled in first canyon and drifted 100m from my track :rolleyes:


I'll try to get tracks from other GPS-es to compare it.



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I am also running 2.80/2.80 on my Vista HCx and don't see any issues. This past weekend I was out elk hunt and covered about 12 miles and in a few placed went back over my trail the next day and never say more then 30 ft variance worst case. One thing I did discover this weekend was setting the switch to compass heading when below 5mph worked best fro rapid and accurate compass readings.

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