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Critter shots


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Fun thread! Here's a few from my recent trip to Florida:


I saw two wild gators during my 5 day visit. I talked to some locals when I was there and they said they've never seen one before other than at the alligator farm. Guess I got lucky :laughing: Both were around the NAS Jacksonville area. This guy lives at the lake next to the NAS JAX golf course.





Saw a few of these as well...this guy was tanning out on a log a few hundred feet from the gator above.




Saw a TON of these guys (anoles)! I'm pretty sure I saw more of these than the infamous Florida mosquitos O_O Spotted this little guy while searching for a cache on a boardwalk that cut through the swamp lands.




Taking things closer to home now...saw this guy munching on blueberries about 40 feet off the trail near the Lake Ann cache. We were on our way to the Lower Curtis Glacier. My first bear sighting in the continental US!



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Most of these are nature shots I'm not sur emine qualifies. Well I guess any shot not in a zoo or circus would be considered such. In any event I thought that this one walking towards me across a strip mall parking lot in Florida was somewhat unusual. I took this photo while standing less than 10 feet from the cache. a82ef8ce-f7c6-4ae1-827f-5c3462422c8a.jpg

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Spotted the moose while on a Delorme / County run in NE WA. This was the first time I've seen a moose in the wild. No the best picture in the world but I didn't have my good camera with me so I had to use my coolpix L15.

Great pic, Jeff! I didn't know we had moose in Washington! :D I thought they were like grizzlies - safely over in the Rockies. That's the only place I've seen either in the wild. I thought moose were kinda ugly; the only cute one was on "Northern Exposure" (he must have had a good makeup artist).

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