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Halloween Giveaway


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OK, I have been very busy making Halloween things for The Spooky Halloween Mission and various nephews and grandchildren. I have 4 that I will give away tonight. Nothing special to guess just need to be one of the following post #'s:







Check pg 8 of the Spooky Mission to see if you are even interested. Plus I have 2 GWV and 2 GWVI coins (peeps and Ca bear) that I will add to keep it coin related:) First one of the 4 winners that guesses my lucky number correctly will get an added bonus :)


Thanks to all you Coin Addicts for all the fun I have had in these Forums. I will be away from the computer for awhile, have fun.



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OK I am back. Looks like Dolfy was very persistent :D


Here are the winners:


#5 tsun

#15 dimkasmir

# 25 Dolfy

# 35 wavesprite


I have Piggies - Penguins - Rabbits - Turtle(only 1 of those), sorry no frogs left. Orders will be filled by order of winners


Now follow these rules:

1. send me your address to: chariley@sbcglobal.net

2. give me your 1st and 2nd choice of Vampire Pet


Nobody guessed my lucky number with their post, but wavesprite added an answer later on so I will honor it. What do all the post #'s have in common? "5"


Thanks for playing my Coin Forum Friends :)

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