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A Treasure-Hunt Game w/More Terror Potential than Geocaching:

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We are all aware that geocaches are sometimes mistaken for an improvised explosive device (IED), aka bomb, placed by terrorists, but recently there has emerged in the news an ever greater threat to the stability of world peace: the horrible and insanely dangerous and risk-filled practice of choco-caching, with the incredibly high potential the the choco-cache will be mistaken for an explosive device, causing the lockdown of an entire college campus or town. Click here for just one example from today's news.


It is quite obvious after reading the linked article that choco-caching is infinitely more dangerous and more terrorist-friendly than its kissing-cousin geoaching, and I would like to suggest that we all lobby for choco-caching to be banned immediately! We must put a stop to this madness! Geocaching is bad enuf, but choco-caching is clearly a sign of the beginning of the End of Days, the start of Doomsday!

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The article said the container was covered in 'gibberish'. I wonder what that meant or if they were just holding it upside-down.

Gibbersih...Of course the writting looked like gibberish...ever try writting when on a chocolate rush...good luck!!!




I would be more worried if it wasn't gibberish...

For some reason, when reading the article, I got the impression that covering the choco-cache package with gibberish writing was part and parcel of the choco-caching game.


I can just imagine the offshoot sports that will develop when choco-caching interbreeds with geocaching!

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Attention: We regret that something was inadvertantly left off the end of the article. The last sentence should have read as follows.


Davis said school officials turned the investigation over to local authorities. The local authorities report that the package contained three coconut, three raspberry, two chocolate truffles, and four hard caramels. The evidence appears to have disappeared, and local authorities are investigating why.

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I can see the authorities being suspicious if the chocolates in question were red M&Ms.


When I was a kid, there was no such thing as a red M&M. The red dye was deemed hazardous by the food and drug administration. Then all of the sudden... red M&Ms were ok for consumption.


Why? Was a new, safer red dye discovered? Or maybe, just maybe, the corporate powers that be, pulled some strings and got the rules relaxed. A higher number of cancerous deaths, via red M&Ms, was now deemed acceptable in return for higher sales? :)


Perhaps the real untold/behind the scenes story, is that the authorities were tipped off as to a package containing a biohazard... RED DYE #5! :D


Will the investigation continue or will the folks at Mars use their influence over the food & drug administration yet again?

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Were these the authorities, then?



Sioneva, I will allow you to score one remote find on my 5/5 Psycho Urban Cache #13 - Impossible! Give Up Now! cache, if you will introduce me to the woman shown on the far right in the photo! Please? Pretty please with sugar and cinnamon on top? How about if I volunteer to lift the restraining order against you?


Pushy, isn't he?


What restraining order? The one I fed my dog?


Or would have fed my dog, if I had a dog. Or if I'd had the restraining order, which I do not admit to EVER seeing. Nope. Can't prove it.


And the answer is no. :) But I'll log the cache anyway!

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