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Cheapest GPS?

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Hello Geocachers! I am a somewhat new cacher and I would like to buy a GPS, however I am on a pretty limited budget. Most of the units I see in this forum go for over $100, which is possible but really not feasible for me at this time. For the few caches I've found I've used or attempted to use Google Maps/Google Earth but I would really like a GPS of my own. What's the cheapest you can buy a used GPS for?

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I wold recommend looking on your local craigslist, or keeping an eye out here. I've found some great deals out there, you just have to look. I bought my Colorado for an outstanding price, as well as several other units. I travel for work and usually check out the local craigslist of where I will be traveling to see if I can find any good deals. I've bought 10 or so GPSr's this way, as well as several other items's such as TV's, computer equipment and so on. My local craigslist has the most GPSr's of the cities I travel to. Maybe it's because Garmin is located here. I think currently there are several yellow etrex, as well as a great deal on a legend for $60. That's where I'd start.

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