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When someone has a post about a specific GPS or software it would sure be nice to have a sub-topic for it so we only have to read thru the ones that pertain to our GPS and software. And it would be much easier for people to find the answer to their post if they didn't have to wade thru or search thru tons of posts that have nothing to do with them. We seem to get the same questions posted over and over and I think this would cut down on that. Also, I like posts emailed to me as they are posted and it would cut way down on my emails if I could choose to only receive ones that have to do with my GPS and software. Anyone else what to try to push this through????

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I'd agree with this one, if it's not too difficult for the Admins to set up.


I have an off model GPSr, and would love to more easily seek out the info I need for it here at the Specific Geocaching Forums.


The Camper forums I am a part of just do not or can not devote much to the specific topics regarding Geocaching or the GPSr devices involved.



The only other thing we can do, is include the specific GPSr Model in the Subject line. :anicute:

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There is already a way to subscribe to a thread you think is interesting. Look at the top of the thread: there is a radio button labeled "Options" You can track the topic, email it, etc.


You can do the same thing with an entire forum, if you wish.


You can't set the forums to automatically send you everything on a certain subject--say for example any time someone makes a new post about the Garmin 60 CSx--and that's a good thing. You'd be flooded with reply emails of questionable value for some threads just because that key term appeared somewhere in the original message.


It is helpful to make good thread titles. Unfortunately, some people are excited about posting and don't think to make sure their title will be informative. I do genealogy also. You'd be amazed how many people title their thread "Searching for my family" instead of something like "Isham LETT-Revolutionary period- Guilford county SC to Wilkes county GA" and then get upset when no one even reads their post.


There will always be repetitive questions on a forum like this--especially on this Getting Started forum. Many of the people who post here are new to geocaching and new to forums. And often, the exact thing they want to know hasn't been answered by a recent thread, so it may need it's own new thread.


You can use the search engine on the forum to look for specific topics.


Lastly, if you really want to discuss specific technical information on a certain gps unit, I'd recommend visiting the GPS and Technology forum. The folks that lurk there are knowledgeable and the posts tend to be more technical and more specific.

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