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Please ID this coin.

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You may want to consider editing your image to remove the tracking number, unless of course it isn't trackable and it is just a sequential number, in which case there are a lot of them about ?!


It isn't trackable and says 17/100, that's a lot of coins? :anicute:


I don't think Tooey could make out the "/". At first I thought the "/" was a "7". Which would have made it 177100 <=== Now that is alot of coins. :D



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CONGRATS!!! Thats a nice coin! :D


I bid on one for tods auction and didnt get back in time to up the bid...went for just above 30.00! :anicute: ...It was an LE as I remember.


There was a thread about the Gator Nation somewhere. Congrats anyhow...Its a Mystey coin and now you got it! If ya dont want it, you know where my trades list is!...But I doubt that!


Its a special, so put it with your other specials! B)

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