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Rockin Roddy

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ok, funny story - posted my "Pay attention to the roads, WATCH FOR BIKES!" and when I refreshed the page, I thought I had a duplicate post. So I edited the post to say "oops! duplicate post" but then when I refreshed AGAIN, I noticed that I hadn't made a duplicate post afterall, I thought burgessfour's post was mine too! (I guess the blue picture and my tired eyes did it) Anyway, I have broken at least two of the rules now so I better leave it at that...!

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Pay attention to the roads, WATCH FOR BIKES!


I already won, so can I break the rules??? Im just playin for fun, but speaking of fun, look at Burgessfours last 3 posts... They were sittin there waitin for that minute to turn! :laughing: On the 10 min mark 3 posts in a row! Now thats dedication! :anibad:


One for the road (thats a little safer thanks to you Roddy!)....


Pay attention to the roads, WATCH FOR BIKES!

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You guys are AWESOME!! Dedicated...you are all very much dedicated, I applaud all of you! !!


Cointest ended about 100 posts ago, yet you are still helping me spread awareness, WELL DONE!! I am very much impressed by this and truly wish I could reward all of you!! I'm simply out of coins at this time though :laughing:


OK, winners were:


Post 123- Mousekakat

Post 143- Mousekakat

Post 163- JohnsLady56

Post 193- JohnsLady 56


Funny how that worked out, isn't it?? I thought so, but my mind is a bit twisted lol!


WOW, can't believe this ride is over, I wish we could extend it forever. I am very proud of everyone for the hard work and giving of coins for this cause, a cause I truly believe in whole-heartedly!


007BigD say's it's because of me that the roads are safer...not really. I merely brought you all together for a great cause, you made the effort to help make a difference! CONGRATS to all of you for this! PLEASE, just remember what you've been working toward and practice safe driveing every time you get behind the wheel or on the saddle!


I'll let the winners comment if they choose and then ask that this cointest thread be closed!!!

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:laughing: Thank You very much. This was fun. Sorry i'm just speechless been up since 4 am pst for work and it began in a good way, hopefully luck will follow me to LA Kings hockey game tonight and they win.. I lost family members on bikes because of someone in a car being careless i always give bikes the right of way.. Edited by johnslady56
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