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Furthest away from GZ.... 0.4 miles?


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Several weeks ago we paddled the Little Manatee River and placed a paddle-only cache as far upstream as we could before the skies opened up on us. It was your standard decon, hanging solidly on a broken tree branch and camoed with some natural supplies. With nasty weather for a while we didn't expect a quick FTF. A few weeks later I get a call from another local cacher stating he had his family out for a paddle and his GPSr was bouncing all around and they'd been searching for 30 minutes with no luck. I dropped a little hint on him so he could settle his GPSr down and off he went again.


Later that day I get another call from him, still out on the water, with a heck of a tale to tell. Turns out he spent another good bit of time looking and full of frustration he gave up. They started paddling back down stream and about 4/10th's of a mile down he just happened to look over on the bank and in some floating debris was a decon containing bobbing up and down in the water! Wow! He went and re-hid the cache for me but I still don't understand how it could of possibly come loose from it's mount the first time (squirrels at play?).


Just think it's amazing that the FTF found the cache almost half a mile from GZ and was wondering if others had stories of a cache being found far from where it's supposed to be.... :lol:

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