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Boston N. Shore Isl. Mark Hunt on Sat., Anyone?

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I'm going hunting on Saturday for MY4986, and would be happy to have company, if anyone's interested.


This 1849 mark, a lowly drill hole with three chiseled cross RMs, is located on the highest point of Hog Island, part of the Crane Beach Reservation in Ipswich. I called up today to inquire about access and learned it was "Hog Island Day" (an annual event) on Saturday :) and they will be running shuttle boats over to the island and back. Normally it's only accessible by kayak, and I don't keep one of those among my equipment. I think it involves about a 2.5 mi. RT hike once we arrive on the island's boat dock.


I got special permission from the Supt. of the Reservation. If you're interested, email me and we can set something up. There's a $15 fee for non-members of the Trustees of Reservations. It sounds like an interesting and beautiful trip, and I think a "find" is likely, so I thought I'd ask around... Someone seems to visit this mark about every 55 years! :(



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From Google and the topo maps it looks like it might be in a cemetery....


On second look, it looks like the fenced part of the cemetery is to the north. The objects in the road turn around the hilltop may be boulders.


- jlw

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No problemo! I was just reading in the paper about the guy who brought pinot noir grapes (and their tasty derivative) to OR. Now there's an Oregonian I want to benchmark with! But I'd be pleased to have you guys as close runner-ups. However, you'll have to get a move on--bus leaves in about 1 hr.!




Lonely on the island (except for 50 or so bird-watchers...)

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Good thing you guys didn't spend bucks on flying in or carpooling! B)


Trip to Hog (Choate) Island yesterday was lovely, but not productive of a mark. :anicute: I will be posting a Note as soon as I can organize the photos, and I believe I have the site Supt. committed to letting me come back on a normal working day for more work. Long story short, "boulders" which are key here seem to have become "submerged" under turf over the past 160 years and some careful disinterring looks to be called for. A survey-grade GPSr would also be handy... :D . I found myself being asked by staff to give "orientations" on benchmarking to groups of Trustees of Reservations members on their rounds through the site yesterday--kinda fun! I also scored a sugar cookie in the shape of a hog. What I encounter on these trips never ceases to amaze me....



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