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MB COINTEST - they are finally here!


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Hello! I did not understand well! video games, well PS2 games or PC games count too?


My favorite games are Warcraft III (and its expansion), Call of Duty 2 & 3, the Praetorians, Age of Empires, and finally....heaven and hell!!!!!!


Call of duty 2 and the call of duty 3 has to do with WWii! there are many things to do, it has great graphics! they are so real that you think that you are living it!!! You can only see your rifle so it is like you are inside the game! I have Call of Duty 3 in PS2, and it even has vibration in its joystick, so you can feel your gun shooting, or you can feel the bombs droping, the grenades.... it is amazing!!!!


Warcraft III is a strategy game! You can find human, orc, elf, undead tribes, and you have missions! Actually it is a complete story and it is extremelly good!!! There are campains for all tribes! It is really nice and when you play, time passed without even understand it!!!


The Praetorians! Beautiful strategy game that has to do with Roman empire! It follows Roman history so good!!!! clever game you have to find a good solution so you can survive, and if you like ancient history.... I am sure you will like it!!!


Finally the funny game, Heaven & Hell! :(


It is so funny!!! God turns a man into a prophet, (you are actually this man), and oyu have to go and make people be believers and faithful to God! you can make some mirracles, you can use the God's hand to make people better and be closer to God! Of course there are evil people and cities and they look so funny! women are with their underwear, with leathers....

after a while, you can make other prophets too, and create soldiers of God! they will "help you" make evil men into believers of GOd, by....beating them!!!! :D After some time, they are believers!!!! :D

It is quite funny to play!!! :)


I also like an other game , the Age of Empires a lot! It is a strategy game with great history details! Nice to play with! you have to be clever, fast and powerfull to survive! you can use diplomacy, you can change ages according to your economy.... You can start from dark ages for example and end at post imperial age, with canons.... It is so great! all age of empires are so great!!! :D


I know, I have many favorite games! I even like games with puzzles, like Atlantis III! Great game too!


I hope you have played some of them! :D

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Although I enjoyed Donkey Kong and spent a minor fortune on it my all time favorite game had to be Frogger I made the arcade owner a lot of money in Selkirk MB while Going to LSRCSS. Loved that game trying to get the frog across the to the other side. To heck with "why did the Chicken Cross the road?"

I want to Know why did the frog cross the road?

I wish I could find a Frogger arcade game.

Now my tastes have gone to anything in the need for speed series especially "Hot Pursuit" nothing like relaxing after a hard days work and enjoying the mind nubing fun of racing through the street avoiding the police :(

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Oh so many to choose from both past and present.

From the golden oldies of Pong on the TV set, I moved onto text adventure games.One of them called Eureka had a $25000 prize for the person who completed it first.

I mastered Space Invaders, Scramble and Asteroids.


I played several games on and off, most of them were Sim Games. I own most of them. Simcity, SC2000,SC3000,SimCopter,Streets of Simcity to name a few.

Most recently over on the XBox360 Oblivion was a great experience with a large world to walk through and many quests you could complete as you wander through the world.


Currently I'm hooked on Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare, playing it online with 8-16 other players. It does a good job of handling realism and gameplay.


Thanks for the cointest!

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Well.... if this contest is for anyone waiting on ANY coin then I'm back in it!


I'm waiting on 1000 coins shaped like barrels to THROW at ANY-one that doesn't admit DONKEY KONG is the best game in the world.


You may try to attack me on a scaffold - I will throw the coin barrels at you!

You may try to attack me at a building site - I will throw the coin barrels at you!

You may try to attack me at a construction site with elevators -I will throw the coin barrels at you!

Finally - you may try to attack me at a pie-factory -I will throw the coin barrels at you!


PLUS! I will steal your girlfriend, I will make bees attack you, I will play golf with you and drive some cars around with you too.


Then I will play the drums and laugh at you.




All games pale in comparison to the mighty DONKEY KONG!

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I remember when the first atari's came out. I wanted one so baddly. Then after several months, my dad comes home with one he got used from someone. I don't even remember where. The only game we had was this adventure game called pitfall. You had to guide this adventurer over alligator infested rivers by stepping on the alligators' head when their mouth was closed. Then you had to swing across these vines. It was funnier than heck. We only had one TV and I got my mom hooked on the darned thing. We would sit on the floor in front of the TV and take turns seeing who could get the farthest. We would laugh and make fun of each other unmercifully. Dad would sit on the couch and grumble because he couldn't watch gunsmoke or Freddie the freeloader (Redd Skelton) or Big Valley, but occasionally we would see him chuckle at our antics when he didn't think we were watching. Then one afternoon mom and I started playing and she put meatloaf and baked potatoes in the oven for dinner. Dad got home and when she checked on them, she had forgotten to turn the oven on LOL. Dad said OK thats enough of that &*%^$%. You know how dads are sometimes. Anyway, after that we had to give the atari to some friends of ours.


Actually, I do not know if my wife ardered one of the coins or not, but it was still fun remembering and relating that story here regardless of eligibility.

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Well....I think I've made my point and will leave you with one last thought.


DONKEY KONG is so tough - he plays Chuck Norris.


I have to say that I agree with LFD on the Donkey Kong theory that it evolved into all other video games.


side note with the above post.


GOOGLE Chuck Norris and click on the "I feel lucky" button.

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I have to say that I agree with LFD on the Donkey Kong theory that it evolved into all other video games.



I've always thought you were a genius.


This proves it!


Here's a mushroom for you .... I love them.




Oh and they made a Pong slot machine. Why Pong and not Donkey Kong, because you can not contain the Kong in a slot machine.

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Well.... if this contest is for anyone waiting on ANY coin then I'm back in it!


I'm waiting on 1000 coins shaped like barrels to THROW at ANY-one that doesn't admit DONKEY KONG is the best game in the world.


I will make bees attack you,


Please pretty pleae throw one of those coins at me!!! :) BUT you can't make this BEE attack anyone!!!!! :(


Cache-in-hand likes Pitfall too

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Oh, I just remembered another cool game, black bass for nintendo. That game got major playing time from family and friends. I still remember the music (it's stuck in my head now). I'm guessing Donkey Kong's music is better though, I won't argue with that.


I feel let out, Donkey Kong arcade was before my time. I never got to play the greatest video game of all time :(


This is a really great cointest. It's keeping me amused all day.

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Please pretty pleae throw one of those coins at me!!! :) BUT you can't make this BEE attack anyone!!!!! :(


Cache-in-hand likes Pitfall too


You haven't heard me play the drums! That would get you on the attack right away! :D


I'm sorry to hear about Cache-in-hand's tortured judgement.


I WILL acknowledge that at least Pitfall takes place in a jungle. DONKEY KONG's jungle!


In fact:


If you look at Pitfall.... you will notice something you may have missed previously. Notice how some vines are long and some vines are short. Why is this?


HA! It is because unlike "Frogger" and "Q-Bert" - DONKEY KONG has opposable thumbs! IN YOUR FACE all other anthropomorphic losers! DONKEY KONG can use his hands to use tools, pick-up the phone, drive a car, and .... THROW BARRELS! Ha! and.....and.... BAH!


Why are the vines short? DONKEY KONG can use scissors! bwaaa-hahahaha!

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we didn't play many videogames in the last years, but when we think about our favourite games of all times, there were a few names much more important than others.


The last game we enjoyed very much was "The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker" on GameCube. This game is great because of its complex story and its very cute animation and sound. You could play it for hours (or just watch the other one playing it) and you couldn't stop anymore.


One of the first games Thorsten played for a long time was the original "Wizardry" on Apple II. It was fun to draw the dungeons on checkered paper, in the higher levels the teleporter and the turning points were very confusing ...


Last but not least "Pong" is the real classic videogame. We didn't play the original Atari console, but we own many different systems with the Pong game we bought used at flea markets.


And now you want us to choose one of these titles? That's nearly impossible. After saying that, please use "Zelda" as our contribution for the cointest.


Greetings from Germany - Sandra and Thorsten

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Guten Abend und Willkommen!


Mein Name ist LFD, und ich liebe Donkey Kong!




I spent much money in Germany on video games - one I remember is one called "Fantasy" where you flew a balloon around and tried to complete a mission.


I also was kicked out of an arcade in Heidelberg when I was 14 by a very angry man. Something about needing to be 18. He calmed down when he heard me trying to speak German :) He realized I was a tourist.

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The very first video game I remember being hooked on was "Space Invaders"

Several rows of aliens walking across the screen while you shoot to destroy them from the bottom.


Good times!


Has anyone ever seen the English decorating show of the same name?

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Oh oh....a good subject for me.

I will start at the beginning.

Old school - Atari: River Raid - great game of reflex and skill. Had to fly up stream and shoot choppers, boats, jets, & barricades. Always had to refuel by flying over the pumps.

New scene - Nintendo: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - I used to sit for hours playing this game. Was my all time favorite, even though I never got far and never got to beat it.

Super Nintendo: F-Zero - fast paced future racing game.

Playstation1: Legend of Dragoon - My first RPG game. I still have it. You are a warrior seeking out what has destroyed your village. As the game goes on, you gain higher lvl of HP and get to transform into a Dragoon warrior, which was really cool looking for the transformation. You also got more to join your party as you traveled on. Another I have yet to beat.

Playstation2: Tough decision here so I will list the top 3: Flatout - awesome demolition racing game. On the special section you actually get to launch the driver out the window for points. Mercenaries - drive, fly, shoot, and blow stuff up. All with a mission but still tons of fun to just run and gun. ATV...need I say more.

GameCube - Animal Crossing: you are a character in a town full of walking talking animals. Seems like a kids game but my wife and I spent and still spend hours playing.

WII - MarioCart: Love my racing games

Computer: big toss up here, last one I played was Doom3, first person shooter and lots of fun. The newest Need For Speeds with the tuner cars. But my all time favorite is World of Warcraft. I get lost in that game.


There ya go

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While I admit the Atari games are awsome (I'm all for simple graphics!), I have to say my favorite game goes back just a little further to the good old TI Computer. This was just a keyboard that you hooked up to your tv, and the game cartridges fit into the keyboard. So...


My favorite game is "Hunt the Wumpus!" where you were this little dude just moving up, down, left and right with little circles popping up all around you. When you were getting close, the circles would turn red. When you thought you knew where the Wumpus was, you had to fire an arrow in that direction. If you were right, you did a little dance, if not, the jaws of the Wumpus closed down on you.


Plus, when you played "Hangman" on the TI and it only allowed for so many letters, your opponent had to guess "Hunt the Wumpu"

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just bumping this one so everyone can get a chance!


Against DONKEY KONG - you don't stand a chance! He will throw a barrel in the face of anyone that disrespects him.


Also - I noticed some "World of Warcraft" posts.


1) Congratulations on leaving the World of Warcraft to actually post here - that's an accomplishment in itself!

2) The World of Warcraft is NOTHING compared to the World of Donkey Kong - which is, in fact, a WORLD OF PAIN!


You've heard the term - "I'm going to get medieval on you!"

DONKEY KONG uses the phrase "I'm going to get pre-evolutionary on you!" - now THAT is pain!

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I am creating a new game....


Grand Theft DONKEY KONG!


You are Donkey Kong and you are trying to deliver barrels of "stuff" to various locations (barrels of booze, guns, etc, etc.)


Of course, Mario and Luigi are on your case (complete with "cop-stach" mustaches!).


You throw barrels (of course) and drive your KONG-MOBILE to avoid them.




All games pale in comparison.

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Why did you start this thread? Now I have gone all "vidiot" and am looking through all my old games for past loves.


Wow. There are a LOT of video games out there!


For those of you that can read between the lines - you probably figured out that I like Donkey Kong.


What you might not know is that I actually like many different video games - and have liked them since about 1977 when I first discovered them (this was during the time of Space Invaders, Asteroids, Subhunt).


Anyhow. Interesting topic and something I've noticed is that the games that are near and dear to most folks are those that have strong story-lines and fundamental game play elements.


The fact that games like Galaxian, Frogger and Tetris still hold affection are testaments to their creators!


Of course......


DONKEY KONG crushes them all!


(I did just pick-up FIFA 2009 and Dead Space - so I'm not completely "old" school. :anicute:

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Last time I played DK King of Swing to make the jungle rumble. But every time i was kicked down and had to start again. I hate it now.


My last game is "More braintraining from Dr. Kawashima". (Is it a game??) The game told me that my brain is 80 years old!! :anicute: So have to work really hard to lower the brainage by doing some brainexercises.


When I lower my brainage (then I should be smarter), maybe I understand finally LFD with his obsession for Donkey Kong :D


Oops... I didn't buy a MB...

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Pitfall!!!!! The classis and all time best selling game for Atari


Remember Pitfall Harry running through the jungle swinging on vines and jumping crocodiles? (I know he also jumped LOGS not barrels LFD!! LOGS doesn't rhyme with KONG but they do have two of the same letters. Maybe if I said them with a Canadian accent? :anicute::D) Anyways he was looking for 32 treasures and could use ladders to desend to a lower level to see if he could collect more. The game ended at 20 minutes.


I was taking a rather boring class and for my study "breaks" I played Pitfall. I got hooked or maybe it was just avoidance. In any event my goal wasn't to see how many treasures I could collect but to see what happened at the end of the 20 minutes--if a message popped up saying I won or something. (Do numbers really count? B) ) Throughout the class we had 6 equally spaced tests. 600 was absolutely great and 300 was on the other end of the spectrum. I alternated between 300 and 600. Can you tell which ones I played Pitfall while "studying" for the tests? LOL I did find out what happens at the end of 20 minutes but you will have to play it to find out as I'm not telling!!!!


That's a true story and I'm sticking to it!


I was in Sam's Club yesterday and they have a new Pitfall game for the Nintendo Wii!!! The best thing about it is it includes the original Pitfall AND Pitfall II games. Man, I love having kids I can buy these classic games for :D And they think they are for them....

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Now to announce the winners


My choice game : Lemon Fresh Dog (how did you guess! though I enjoyed many of the listed games, I would have to say donkey knog got the most play from me!)


2 draws - LoriDarlin and FairyHoney

I have already sent out the coins for the draws. Only LFD's addy needed. Thanks everyone for playing!

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Now to announce the winners


My choice game : Lemon Fresh Dog (how did you guess! though I enjoyed many of the listed games, I would have to say donkey knog got the most play from me!)


2 draws - LoriDarlin and FairyHoney

I have already sent out the coins for the draws. Only LFD's addy needed. Thanks everyone for playing!


Congrats to the winners! Thanks for the cointest, dug all the stories it brought up :(

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I bounce up and down!

I grab your girlfriend!

I climb away from you!




Donkey Kong wins!


(okay. thank you for the win - I've PM'd my address to you and thank you for the opportunity to educate everyone on why Donkey Kong is the best game .... EVER! :D


Ah hum, I hate to tell you BUT Pacman came out before Donkey Kong :grin::grin: .

Congratulations for your win :D

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I just recently noticed that I received a message saying the coins had been shipped and it also listed me as one of the winners!!! whoohoo!!! Thank you!!! I cannot wait to see them :laughing: this was so nice of you!! I shall post again when they come in.


ps My oldest son told me yesterday that he just completed the super mario brothers nintendo game and was quite proud of himslef!! Just wait till he sees one of these coin I got for him and his brother....hmmm do I give them to them now?? or make 'em wait until Christmas hehehe


ps Lemon Fresh Dog....ummm why don't you go play another game of Donkey Kong? :yikes::laughing:

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