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You know you're a Geocacher when...

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I have to be careful how I make out checks now.

Here in UK, cheques are pretty much a thing of the past. Hardly anybody takes them as payment since the banks did away with cheque guarantee cards and with all our credit/debit cards going over to Chip 'n PIN we no longer sign when paying for stuff...


... probably just as well as I'd be signing as "TFTC" by now!

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I am guilty of the following previously posted:


You constantly point out caches you've found/know the general area of where they are when you're driving about town.

You know your a cacher when you take your GPS everywere you go now, with caches loaded up to about 30 miles away

You are the computer Geek with a tan

You chose your last pair of shoes with caching in mind

You know you're a geocacher when you aren't out caching - you're posting in the geocaching forums.

You curse a cloudy day because your GPS accuracy goes down to 50ft Accuracy


These are my additions:


You see a waterjug that you have always seen in your cupboard and realise, that's just the extra attachment you need for your geobag

You have an idea to make your own geobag, and then discover it's made as a diaperbag, and still buy it cause it's just right

Your car breaks down at 2am, you have to walk home, and start to cry because you realise you left your GPS at home before heading for work

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