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You know you're a Geocacher when...

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You clean out your junk drawer and use the stuff for swag.


The cashier says "paper or plastic?" and you say "plastic" because you can use the bags for CITO.


Your kids' toys start to look more and more like swag every day.


You have dreams about caching and nightmares about DNF's.


You're fishing on a charter boat and wonder about placing a cache under water.


You're waiting for a new park to be opened so you can put a cache there.


You can't find something in a store and start walking in circles.


You see a phone number and think it looks like GPS coordinates.


You lose your Garmin and wonder what you'll do with all the free time.


You know all the poison ivy remedies and ways to remove ticks.


You chose your last pair of shoes with caching in mind.


You make waypoints for hollow trees just in case you might put a cache there some day.

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You know when your bad


Wife is labor and you suggest just a quick stop on the way to the hospital :)


Your wife has been pushing for 24 hours and you "suggest" you go out for a smoke with your GPS in your jacket and she's yell WHEN THE F*** DID YOU START SMOKING YOU SON OF A B^%$# YOU BETTER NOT TRY TO FIND A F$#@ CACHE :mad:


When the baby comes out your looking for the log


When you whine and powt about not have time to cache and your wife thinks it funny to put a log in the diaper and wait for a poppy one and tell you to go find the cache and hands you the baby


After 6 weeks of waiting, ( you know that I mean) You hope your the FTF the cache :D


And no I'm not stupid to try any of these, just because I started caching after my kids birth lmfao


This made me giggle... but you have to add - When you go to the hospital thinking you are in labor and they send you home telling you to walk around for a few hours you take a trip to the state park to hike the trails for the last in that series you were looking for.


You have paid (or thought of paying) for a baby-sitter so that you can do some "serious" caching without the kids.


I actually did this yesterday with some friends... 5 hours and 15 caches later all the sitter wanted was for us to take him with us next time. :) GOTTA LOVE IT! ;)

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Sorry to dig up a slightly old thread

You know you're a geocacher when you read every post in this thread and laugh when you see something that you're guilty of.

When you place a cache or several caches outside your school/uni/work and you play 'spot the cacher' in your spare time.

Whenever you go past a cache you have found you desperately look out the window to see if you can spot any cachers

This is the one I'm the most guilty of;

just placed this guy -We're Watching You :D

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You go to a grocery store and even though you don't drink coffee, you buy a can of folgers and then dump out the contents just so you can use it as a cache container.


I have actually thought about doing this, but just decided to ask a coffee drinking buddy of mine to save me some folgers cans. I don't drink coffee myself.

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You know you're a Geocacher when...


...you play Half Life 2: Episode II and think that there is a Geocaching expedition 3/4's of the way through the game. (If you've played this game, you'll know what I mean.)


...you believe the movie, The Shawshank Redemption, has a Geocache near the end. You think that Red was FTF due to the amount of money within. You know he LN and took money but wonder if he SL.



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You know you're a Geocacher when...


*You think "This would be a good pace for a cache" when you're going to work/school

*You log 10 caches in one day

*You try a D/T 5/5

*You not put a cache on the original hidingplace

*You complain on people who not put a cache on the original hidingplace

*You complain on bad coords

*You drop your GPSr in water

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while out and about you look at every tree, fence, building just looking for a place to hide that next cache.


not to mention the 30+ caches you have pre-made in your cars at all times :D



OMG I know just how you feel and if im not driving i have a cache in my pocket

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You think these people are crazy:




I mean who uses ammo cans for Ammunition anyway?


my wifes reaction was "thats a really dangerous trade item" I LOVE MY WIFE


Awesome quote. :rolleyes: Even being relatively new to this, I went to a buddy's house the other day and saw he had an ammo can outside with the latch open. I looked inside and saw it was full of woodchips (for whatever reason) and immediately thought "what kind of crappy swag is this?" moments later followed by "oh noes...what have I become???"



You know you're a geocacher when you get a trackable tattoo

...especially if you buy 50 tracking numbers for it just so you can give it a unique icon.

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When you are driving from A to B (for reasons other than caching CRAZY I KNOW) and you point out (to anyone who hasn't stopped listening to you) there's a cache there, there's a cache there, there's a cache there, there's a cache there.


Preparing to go out with the family, they see the GPS, and there is an almighty whinge in unison, "Why do we have to cache everywhere we go?"

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You know you’re a Geocacher when…


On your day off you hop on the Mail Run convoy going to another Forward Operating Base (FOB) in Afghanistan because it has a Geocache on it, just so you can log another find.


You know the line from Apocalypse Now: Charlie Don’t Surf!


Well…. The Taliban might hide caches’ but, The Taliban Don’t Geocache!

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You are really really disappointed that the one outstanding DNF is actually the closest cache to your home.


Your well-practiced covertness is helping you at work with boss alerts when you want to be on GC.com but you should be crunching numbers in Excel or writing a report in Word.


You wonder if you can use geocaching and its related skills in your CV.

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When you put in your basement a map of your city :D , your country :P , your continent :D so that you can put on them what you found and what are you going to look for and what you are going to hide. (dadgum now I just need a map of Europe :blink: ) . Next to it a place for photos and notes :P and below the whole composition an altar to the man that invented this game :blink::D (so that you can remind yourself everyday that there are good people on the planet).

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You know you're a geocacher if...


Your purse and pockets are always full of toy cars and bubbles and you don't have any kids


You sleep with your boyfriend and you both dream of geocaching together all night.


You always add on an extra day to any vacation, or trip to a wedding, or anything, to make sure you have plenty of time to grab the caches in the area.


Everything is a potential cache container.


Your wallet may not always be in your purse, but your GPSr is.


You run into work or other events late with your GPS still around your neck.


You navigate around your city by geocaches (It's by that evil micro in the rocks, honey)


You know where every pocket park is in your city, and you don't have kids.


You search an entire rock wall without checking the map, because you know there must be one here!!

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I thought this might be a fun topic to start, so here goes...


You know you're a Geocacher when... Your friend who got you into geocaching, gives you a roll of cammoed duct tape, and you jumping up & down with joy! (true story) :D


you have family and friends saving their empty canisters of foldgers & altoids just for you! :laughing:


:laughing: when you are out for a short walk and you start looking for a cache and you dont even have a gps with you / or you go the doller store just to get toys to put in the next cache

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You say to the kids as you drive around town, there is a geocache over there I haven't found yet, a minute later, there is one there that is supposed to be hidden in a rubber ducky, a few minutes later, why don't we just stop and try to find the cache hidden here. All the while the kids are saying to each other, "Mom is becoming obsessed about this geocaching thing."

You have to Hide the fact that your caching on holidays but suggesting we stop here or a "stretch" because your family is sick of you already.

you have to trick your husband into stopping so you can get rid of a TB so you don't have to cache later...sucka!

your husband buys you a special backpack for your birthday and your thrilled

you have to buy 12 rechargeables because the battery cost is getting out of hand

you consider getting a backup GPS just in case!

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1) You know who has AA batteries on sale this week

2) You have enough unactivated geocoins you hand them to geokids for Halloween Trick Or Treat

3) You get excited because you found a cache that more experienced cachers than you overlooked

4) You call in sick so you can go caching

5) You buy AA batteries in bulk

6) Your geofriends contact you to find out where the least expensive trackables can be purchased

7) You have several pair of shoes because you get them wet looking for caches.

8) Trail mix counts as a meal

9) You carry all size replacement logs....just in case.

10) You carry several cache containers with you at all times just looking for the "perfect" place for a cache.

11) You want to meet Dave Ulmer and Mike Teague

12) You start planning a geocaching event almost a year in advance

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You know you’re a Geocacher when…


On your day off you hop on the Mail Run convoy going to another Forward Operating Base (FOB) in Afghanistan because it has a Geocache on it, just so you can log another find.


You know the line from Apocalypse Now: Charlie Don’t Surf!


Well…. The Taliban might hide caches’ but, The Taliban Don’t Geocache!


Add on: A +3k road trip after you get back from Afghanistan so you can log 5 states that you have not cached in. Returned to Fort Riley, KS went to Pikes Peak, CO (3 Caches), Las Vegas, NV (3 Caches), Grand Canyon, AZ today (1 cache so far). Going to Four Corners and plan on hitting 3 caches in NM on the way home to Fort Polk, LA.

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You might be a geocacher if...


When thinking about a spot in your city, you see it in your mind as you would on Google maps.


You raid your mother's junk drawer, find a rubber chicken, and declare, "I could stick a micro up this guy's butt." Only the guy from the alarm company is there and hears you say that, and gives you a funny look, and you get annoyed because you have to explain yourself.


You go to Wal-Mart and head straight to the spray paint or tupperware aisle.


You research the best glue to use on dirt.

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