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Trans oceanic Radio Repair :huh:

The Cachster
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I have a zenith 12 band 1981 trans oceanic radio that , when turned on the dials and switches light up but the radio part dosnt work. I have no Idea how to fix this or what the problem is but i was wondering if anyone out there who cound fix this



Being as old as I am (I was born in '81) there are most likely several problems with it. First off, the caps are probaly dried up. That alone would do it. Second, there is a chance that the BFO is drifting so far off frequency that even if you could get it to tune, it would drift so fast you would'nt be able to listen to anything.


If it was a few years old, I would suggest putting some money into it. Being as old as it is, I would suggest putting the money towards somthing like a new Grundig or Sony shortwave.

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