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For Gentleman's Eyes Only...


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Czech Republic - Thursday, January 10, 2008 - solsais found Styx (Multi-cache) Not 100% sure what's going on in this photo. Caching with a friend perhaps?


Edit: And as for this cache, close by. Well...! The real p*** cache – Mala Strana The cache page itself isn't starred out, and the photos are... You can get away with a lot in public when it's art, can't you? :anibad::laughing::ph34r:

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that bike seat has made a strange coloured mark on her bum, and her pants don't fit, I don't think that is so attractive goldpot, I've seen nicer women in Regents Park, and that's saying something.


sssh! I was trying divert some guys to Spain like Mr. Overanout :unsure:


Been there. Seen that. Got the T-Shirt. But alas, the La Verga cache still evades me... :laughing:


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