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magellan meridian platinum

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Yeah I know this thing is ancient. I'm a noob, have never even tried to find a cache yet. I picked this up at an REI scratch and dent sale for $10 bucks, and it looks and feels brand new. Driven around with it, not that that will be it's primary use, and it seems to work pretty well.


Just spent another $20 on the Topo 3-D map for US, and I have an old SD card to put in it.


Did I waste my money, or was this thing worth the $30 I spent in total?


Feedback from the more experienced is very welcome.



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About the worst I would have to say about the Plat is that the screen display is on the coarse, grainy side. But it gets lock about as well as many new models, and the electronic compass is great. The file management features were improved in the Explorist, its successor, but they are still ahead of most current competitors in being able to swap active waypoint files from SD memory.


The chance you are taking is that if anything goes wrong, it may not be repairable as support for it is no longer offered. That said, I never had a problem with mine.


Here are some resources for you:


Meridian FAQs


Yahoo Meridian Users Group

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And the best thing about the Platinum is it's magnetic compass is a true 3D compass. After calibrating it through a slightly arduous procedure, you can get a readinig while holding it in nearly any position, unlike many Garmins which have to be held flat.

20 for the Topo 3D is fantastic I think. I got the prior version for about that price 3 years ago when the 3D version first came out.

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