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Earthcache Placement at Museums / Visitor Centers


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I am contemplating placing an earthcache at a geology and fossil museum on a couple of large exhibits. I found a couple of ECs in museums (GCQJ0J and GCQ5FV) that were placed in 2005 and I was wondering if this is still a possibility?


The short answer is yes.


Here is a quote from the EarthCache.org site:


EarthCaching sites include — sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rock exposures and

road cuts, fossil sites, volcanic features, canyons, overlooks, museums, mining sites, mineral sites,

erosional features, caves/karst, coastal or river features, glaciers and glacial features, structural

features (i.e. San Andres Fault, anticlines, synclines, etc.), aquifer springs, hot springs, historical

sites, submerged forests and peat bogs, geomorphological features, impact crater sites, and even

building stone tours if educational.


I used this quote from the "EarthCache Sites for Teachers" guide on the EarthCache.org site in my presentation for International EarthCache Day 2008.


It sparked several questions and many people's imaginations for potential EarthCaches.


For anyone thinking of developing their first EarthCache I would recommend reading the entire document. It has a lot of very good information and step by step instructions to developing an EarthCache.



AKA: DeRock & the Psychic Cacher - Grattan MI

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but -- "Can I develop an EarthCache as part of a museum or other exhibit?


EarthCaches are a great tool for outdoor museums and other groups to provide an outdoor learning experience for their visitors. EarthCaches cannot be however inside Museums or visitor centres and need to be accessiable after hours. EarthCaches developed that require people to pay an entry fee will be discouraged. "


I am looking at developing my first EC. It has to do with a river, salinity, etc. but there is a visitor's center that has all kinds of great interactive stuff. Saw the above and kinda got discouraged. In my situation, I can move it to another point of interest and a visit is not necessary, and I've developed around that... but it would have made it a lot easier -- and more informative -- to place it there. Thoughts?

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My first EarthCache was published last week - it's inside an "Interpretative Center". There is a fee to enter the park, but the center is free so a cacher could park on the street, walk into the park and enter the center without paying anything.


Go ahead and write it up and see what happens!

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