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We've Heard of Park N'Grabs; Are there Any Drive-Up Caches?

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The one I did was not a "fast" one by far. By the time you pulled up to the cache, jotted down clues & entered coordinates, & then drove around town finding the answers that would open the combination padlock it took longer than most urban caches I've found. This one was perfect for a rainy day, & is great for someone wheelchair bound. I liked this cache so much I borrowed the idea for my first cache hide, although you do have to get out of the car for mine. Great way to hide a cache in plain site!

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I once took a picture of some friends that pulled off a multi park-and-grab, but darned If I can find it now.

There were two cars parked side-by-side with one car right next to an lpc. Lift, grab, pass, sign, pass, sign, aaaand replace. It was a moment of beauty.


I'll try to find that picture.......

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