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What is your geocaching outfit?


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I like the woodzy type caches with a hike so I dress like I belong in the woods. Usually muggle free places. I wear a back pack and clothes with alot of pockets, and boots. Always have my camera on board, and a pair of snips for the briars! I have taken so many pictures my friends and family run from me! I only cache with orange on sundays during hunting season. No one has ever asked me - why you dressed like that!

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I usually wear some old jeans, a t-shirt, old workboots and a Carhartt jacket & hat when it's cold.


I used to wear BDU pants a lot because they're practically indestructible, but a couple of cachers noticed the pattern and teased me about it. :laughing:


When it's really really cold, I have warm camo coveralls and boots a friend gave me after his trip to hunt polar bears in the Arctic Circle. They're comically enormous, but my toes are warm!

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Glad This Guy didn't respond to this question


Edit: His pictures are soooo funny

OMG! Is this guy for real!!! My kids are dying to know why I, out of no where, started LMAO. Freaking awesome!!


Anyway, I try to wear my geo shirt (so others will know), good pair of jeans, and my awsome Kelty back pack outfitted with all the geocaching fixins!


How can I type about this right now I can't stop laughing!!! :bad::lol::lol:


Bet there's one "cache attribute" that he avoids -- poison ivy! ;)

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Here in the team we all have our different clothes but they are all for outdoor/wood caching, since we prefer those.

We all have:

Cargo pants, the pockets are very useful.

Hiking boots, because without them there's no use in going out in the first place.

A long sleeve shirt with a t-shirt under it, sometimes it's better because of the cold.

A pair of gloves, you never know where are you going to put your hand.

Sunglasses, to protect your eyes against the sun or for style purposes only like some :P

Then we all have our personal touches like small bracelets, watches, scarfs, hats you name it.

Also have a backpack, it's importance is beyond huge and the first time we went without it was a bad day :lol:

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I wish I had an "outfit," like some kind of caching uniform. But truth be known, I ain't all that fancy. I've found some caches while dressed to the nines - usually urban, near restaurants I may be going to. If it's warm, my outfit is whatever I have on at the time which is usually shorts. Like hippietwinkie above, I prefer to tromp around barefoot, especially in the woods.

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I wear. Digital BDU's, Quality 5.11 tactical boots. I wear a typically MARINE T-shirt. I carry my gear in a Tactical vest. Pockets for EVERYTHING. I have more compartments than stuff. But all my tools, spare batteries, flashlights x2, water, rain gear, E-Blanket. Bug Spray, sunscreen, tick remover. Binoculars, first aid kit. More water. Whistle, signal mirror, 2 days worth of my mandatory medicines sealed in a pill-fob. Extra pens. Extra plastic bags to replace torn bags in caches. CITO bags. SWAG to trade, and at least one track able in case I find something cool. I really like the packable hat GROUND SPEAK sells. I do carry a K-Bar knife. Sunglasses. Strike anywhere matches in a water proof container. A standard compass in case GPS inexplicably dies. Pair of socks.


8 years of MARINE, taught me its better to be too prepared, than unprepared.


I.D. A "little cash".


Always be prepared. As my Grandaddy taught me, roughing it is like toilet paper. "its better to have too much, than too little.





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