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Newbie visiting San Francisco

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Hi everyone!


I'll be in San Francisco next week for a conference and I'll keep Sunday afternoon free to do some geocaching. Which ones do you recommend for someone who is a newbie, is on foot, but still wants to get to know the city and the San Fran geocaching style?

Besides, if you check my profile you'll see I'm doing research on geocaching for my doctorate. So if anyone would like to talk about geocaching in an interview, I would love to find some time to do so.

Also, if anyone has a TB who wants to come to Canada, just let me know and I'll bring it. :)



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I was in SF in February at the Convention Center but stayed in Chinatown.


Opinion: most of the city caches are walking distance in the evening, I grabbed caches within three blocks of the Moscoyne Center on lunch breaks. I didn't wander too far south as the neighborhood got derelict. One evening, I headed out and did what I call my "Dirty Harry" run, I did the caches from Chinatown up to the Tower that were in the Clint Eastwood film of the same name. (Wife and I like Clint.) Took me about three hours and I had no fear where I was.


Between the Moscoyne Centre, the Embarcadero and the Tower there are a selection of regular, multi, virtual and earthcaches. I passed on the few puzzles in town due to time solving them.


It's one of the easiest central business districts to geocache in, since most of the locations have a film/writting reference. (You must do the Sam Spade multi!) Buy a daypass and use the trolley to save some tread.


Take a jacket at all times!!!

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