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COINTEST: Miles may vary!

Rockin Roddy

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Today, while riding in to meet the Geopigs, I came to a familiar intersection on the 35 mph roadway I live on (it follow's the lake's shoreline). This intersection is actually a "T" with a flare-out kinda like "K" minus the one leg. well, I could see a truck barreling down the flare-out and calculated that we'd likely meet at the stop at the current speed...so I watched him closer. What didn't expect was for him to blow the stop sign completely, but realized quickly he couldn't make the stop.


The guy never looked either way until he was past the stop, but he slammed the brakes and managed to stop in the middle of the road...I and a car coming from the other direction had already braked down and were quite attentive to his next move which was to sheepishly wave and back up. Not a rolling stop, not even a stop!


Rolling stops kill people, they are dangerous! You get in a hurry, you feel you don't need to make a full stop as it's "clear"...think again! STOP...look both ways while counting to 3...then continue when safe!! Never assume you know the intersection so well you don't need to stop, never get lax in your concentration!



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