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hitchhikers, burrs, & sticky things


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I've been geocaching for a little over a month and have quite often left a cache site being self-satisfied with the find but absolutely covered with hitchhikers, burrs, and other sticky things. I normally wear denim jeans and a Tshirt or sweatshirt while caching. Is there any easy way to avoid being glommed onto by weed seeds or any easy way to get them off once they have glommed? Michiseekers

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When the weather allows, a leather jacket is great.


A full rain suit also fits the bill.


I was thinking the same thing. Something smooth and nylon-ish or something, I mean, so there aren't so many fibers for sticky things to stick to. I've got the same problem though. One of my first caches was in a wooded park and when I spotted the ammo can I was too busy looking for poison ivy to notice the giant pickerbush I brushed against on the way in. I managed to get all the burrs off my front but it wasn't til I got into my car and sat down that I realized they were stuck to my back and butt. Ouch.

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I'm right there with you! I totally trashed a hoody with burrs and stick'ems to the point I just tossed it in the trash rather than try to get them all off the fuzzies. I too use a knife to scrape them off my jeans.


Right now its the chest-high black/brown little triangular-shaped burrs that I HATE... whole strings of them! The bigger fuzzier burrs are at least easier to get off.



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I usually wear lightweight nylon micro-fiber pants. Burrs just don't seem to be able to grab on. They're really made for fishing, with cargo pockets, a cell phone pocket, and zippered pockets for keys and billfold. The cuffs unzip about 12 inches to provide extra ventilation, and they can also convert into shorts. I got them at Bass Pro. Usually around $40, but they're sometimes on sale. REI has similar "expedition" pants.

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I pick them up no matter what I wear. Scarves are the worst for me because they hang down and latch on.


Recently I got a huge hive from burrs. One latched on and kept poking me. Later that night I had a huge bump and could not figure out where it came from. The next day I realized that was spot the burr went through my jeans. Ouch! :laughing:

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I use "off" and sprinkle "7 dust" from an old sock on my shoes and lower trowsers. Clothes, what ever you have in a long sleeve, heavy shoes, and jeans, etc....I also wear gloves if I need to move poison plants. or what I think is PO...I also use a machete of high grade steel to "bushwhack"....So, look out here I come....

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