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Japanese holiday and geocaching (2009)

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We decided it's time to take our 2009 summer holidays east instead of west and are looking to spend 3-4 weeks in Japan. I just bought the Japanese map from uud.info for my Garmin Colorado.

Of course, our main goal is to see as much of the country as possible but since we'll be using public transport for most of the trip we think that we should allow extra time (time tables) as opposed to driving a rental car. This might give us caching time :huh:

Can any Japanese cachers give some hints on must do's? We plan to go to Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Kyoto,, Hiroshima and maybe Beppu. Maybe renting a car near Mt. Fuji and Beppu.


Thanks in advance.

Maurice (Belgium)

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KONNICHIWA - Hello Maurice-san,


Welcome to come to Japan!! It's nice that you are interested in Japan, and planning to visit here.

I hope you have a wonderful stay :D


The central of Tokyo, you do not need driving. It is difficult to find cheap parking in Tokyo..

Trains, Metro and buses are very useful. I think you can buy foreigners transport pass, that is very good and my friends always use it.

Mt. Fuji or country side, car is one of the useful transport such as YAMANASHI prefecture.

If you have not decided about your accommodation in Tokyo, I recommend "SAWANOYA Ryokan".

Very convenient and family are very nice.


Must to do... of cource caching!! and I hope you would enjoy Japanese food and drinks.

ONSEN-hot spa is also nice.


Well, I am a just beginner geocacher, but there're many senior cachers in Japan.

Please check this thread "Cache Hunt Notification in Japane" in All Nations.

TOSY-san maybe help you :)


I hope this become a help for you...

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Hello Maurice-san,


Nice to hear that you will be in Japan.


As Cnois-san said, the most useful way for searching caches in Tokyo area is to take public transportation.

The following site is helpful to find the train route and timetable.



I hope you will enjoy the tour and geocaching.



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Hi Cnois-san and Tosi-san,


Thanks for the info.

We're still planning and organizing our schedule. We are not going via travelagents and are used to compiling our vacation. We are just a bit worried about the language barrier. I'm sure that we'll find time for caches during our trip. There seem to be plenty of them. I hope that these caches will bring us to places where we would not normally go.

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Konnichiwa Maurice-san,


About the language barrier, much better than before in the central cities.

We had The World Cup in 2002, then a lot of English version of the information has been made.

Still in country side and not so popular place with foreigners, you would find the barrier.


 My friends always use this book,

"Tabi no Yubisashi Kaiwacho Japan"


Whenever my friends visits me from overseas,

I'm usually too busy to be with them all the time.

When that happens I hand them "Tabi no Yubisashi Kaiwacho Japan" and let them loose.

This is the book I recommend for anyone who needs a quick

and easy method of communication while in Japan.


Coming in summer, Mt. Fuji is nice.

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If you make it up to the Tohoku region (the northern part of the main island, Honshu), drop me a note. I'm at Misawa Air Base and there are some nice caches in the area. Probably won't beat the number or variety of stuff you'll find in the Tokyo megamegamegacity (we're mostly farming country up here), but they're nice nonetheless (IMO).

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