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nüvi 550 Wherigo usage

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Just got a nüvi 550 with Wherigo Player installed...


When loading the gwc generated for Garmin Colorado and using it:

the unit switches itself off...


When loading the gwc generated for Pocket PC and using it:

I can start using it, but the unit sometimes locks after a few clicks - unfortunately I cannot reproduce this consistently...


So is the Pocket PC file the right one to use or do I need some other format?



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I bought a "Nuvi 550" some month ago and it's ok for car-navigation and most "standard" geocaches (traditionals & multis).


But for "Wherigo" it isn't usable at all:

In the last few days I tried 2 cardridges in my "homezone" (which work fine in the version for PocketPC-Users on these devices).


The first one


allways crashes already during start (the nuvi 550 needs a hard-reset to get re-animated).


The second one


constantly crashes at station 2.


Even the garmin-demo-cardridge which was on the nuvi 550 by default (the one with the spaceship) hardly crashes near the end (while refueling the spaceship).


So garmin and/or Groundspeak did a very bad job on creating a stable Wherigo platform - especially on this device. It's a shame...


Greetz to all

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I've done 3 Wherigo caches in my area and played the Wherigo Tutorial cartridge without any issues with the nüvi 550 (Software Version 3.40, Wherigo Engine 2.22).


While building my own Wherigo, I found that my cartridge worked flawlessly on the Wherigo Builder's Pocket PC emulator but kept crashing in the field on the nüvi 550 (problems mentioned above; locks up or switches off). I've tracked down the problem to the "Show detail screen zobject" script Action (supposed to force a certain screen to be shown to the player, such as a particular Task or Location). When I removed all of these Actions, everything now works without a hitch.


(When I download cartridge files from Wherigo.com, I get the ones for "Garmin Nuvi 500" in the drop-down box; when I build my own using the Wherigo Builder, I compile for "Any Device".)


Hope this helps.

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