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Quick Help once again~


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Kay, I was contacted by a fella that won one of my caches at the Forward Member M&G event when Tsun did her collection of goodies for the troops.


This fella said it was such a great uplift from the day to day ongoings to have such support at a event and they REALLY needed such an event. While he is safe at home he came to me to see if I would be willing to send another cache or some other prizes to the troops that are still there and continue to arrive for an upcomming event. I figure my contributions would be small and some may want to help bring a bright day for some of our caching friends in Iraq.


The Trick now is, the event is at the end of this month, so at this point if we can help the guys out, we'd better do it soon. Otherwise I am sure there will always be another event soon.


I figure the quickest route at this point would be to send the packages directly to Iraq and hook up with a cacher that can get them to the event.


I havent organized it yet, just wanted to get the word out ASAP for the upcomming event. I will try to get a valid address for anyone willing to send ANYTHING...one coin, a pathtag, a ready cache? Even a note from another cacher would show support.


I will get back here as soon as I get an addy...Sorry for the coinfusion and late notice, but I figure its not too late!


Thanks, Dave


PS, just didnt know where else to go for help with some prizes.

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Kay, I was contacted




PS, just didnt know where else to go for help with some prizes.

Dave, if you sent me a 'valid' name and address for this, I will get something out as well. I just talked to a "cavalry" commander the other day and he mentioned that any mail is more then welcome for the guys/girls over there.


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Thanks!!! Emails have been sent, but it was just moments ago...Ill let ya know when I do get an addy :blink:


Just wanted to get the word out as early as I could at this point so if nothin else would give time to round somethin up.


He was really stoked with the coins and the cache he won and said it really made a HUGE difference. Such an easy task to make such a big difference is all. Check the cache he placed with it!... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...5a-f7d9685551a3


Thanks again...ill give an update soon!!! :D

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Thanks Lori!


I didnt know he contacted others for help and after reviewing the event listing, I see the event already has an alarming support of help from many of us! Good work guys!


So with that said, guess there isnt such a cry for help :D But I will still post where we can send the goods to.


The event is GC1FMHE http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...&Submit6=Go


Thanks to all you who helped and I may have jumped the gun requesting more help- Ill get ya the direct addy for goodies when I get it as time is tickin to donate for this event. 10-26-08. Just glad we were abe to make it yet another Killer event for our troops.



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Alright! ;)


Got the addy to send any further prizes to, so shoot me an email and ill get it to ya if you wanna send somethin. :D


Same place as before and it didnt take too long for my last package to arrive, so hope its not too late. :grin:


Got an email from a gal that just wanted to send a package...Im sure anything will be appreciated and if they get it late...im sure there will be another event!


Ill send the addy to all who responded, but if you wanna send somethin else- Shoot me that email and Ill get it to ya!

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Not likely I could get anything there in time :D


Shipping to the States seems to take sooo long, and then getting it over to Iraq after that!


Besides, the coin I had in mind is for a different operation in a different theatre -- don't know if it would be appreciated.


Perhaps I'll have something available for a future event with more lead time.


Good luck with this mission!

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I got an email from Dave, too - and sent a reply. My package will be going out tomorrow. :)


It took me a bit longer than I had hoped, but my mission is complete. I sent 3 packages out this morning. Hopefully they'll arrive in time for the event. I posted a note for the event (CC1FMHE) listing the package contents.


cache on!

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Thank You ALL!!! :)


Here when I posted this topic I thought I was the only one contacted...Turns out they just didnt want people to feel like they "HAD" to send somethin by making it public.


I think people enjoy doing acts such as this, specially for this occasion. These guys really need an uplift from their day to day ongoings and with the help of ALL that sent some goodies or just warm wishes...Id say we'll make a difference yet again!



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AWESOME!!! I have already received boxes from Lone Sapper, The BurgessFour and DaFunkyFrogs. Thanks again to all of you who are taking the time, energy and effort into putting boxes together for our Event. It promises to be a good time and I will make sure to post lots of pictures.


Thanks Again!!


Sua Aspont, RLTW~ATC06

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I wished I had seen this earlier. I sent out some coins the last time and I did receive an email from him about donating some coins. I emailed him asking if there were any specific types of coins he was looking for, but I got no reply. I even sent a second email and again, no reply. After that, I began to think maybe it was some kind of scam. . . I guess not. . .maybe next time. :anicute:

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If anyone has any questions about what has been received, let me know. I did receive the box last night from 007BigD. Overall, I have received packages from:

Lone Sapper

The BurgessFour



If anyone else is interested in sending ANYTHING (its hard to be specific when you are asking for ANY donations:), please send them to:

SFC James Finney

MNC-I C3 Air

Unit 42001

APO AE 09342


I'm afraid that folks who want to send any packages might be too late for the Event on the 25th. But don't let that dissuade you!! We will hold at least two more Evetns before I leave and we can hold on to your donations until then. I still have somethings left over from our earlier Event!!


THANKS TO ALL WHO ARE TAKING THE TIME, ENERGY AND EFFORT TO SUPPORT US!!! I tell everyone who wll listen that We have a much easier job than the folks back home who support thier Troops, regardless about their political feelings or personal feeling about our presence here.


Thanks Again!!

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Well, we were able to hold off the rain for about an hour before we called the Event closed!! Let me be the first to say "Thank You" to everyone who took the time and effort to send donations our way. It’s not just the people who sent boxes and packages, but also those who sent the prayers and well wishes. Everyone who turned out went home with an ARM LOAD of swag and cache containers. Each person received at least two coins. One of the boxes (which held the preponderance of the geocoins) did not make to us in time. I will hold that box over until my next Event on February 14 (GC1HEPGJ) as give aways. I will do the same for the rest of the donations that might trickle in over the next few days/weeks. Please keep an eye out for a few pictures from today’s Event. Thank goodness for some of the other who brought camera. I got caught up in the multiple trips and forgot mine!!!


Again thanks to all who donated and thanks to all who support out troops!!



RLTW~Sua Sponte

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HEY YA, I sent my coins off yesterday :rolleyes: - They made me fill out the green customs form


Here is an update to the list of packages and boxes received thus far:


Lone Sapper

The BurgessFour





THanks again to all who are helping out!!!!


I'm wondering if Mine ever made it to you guys :):)

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HEY YA, I sent my coins off yesterday :P - They made me fill out the green customs form


Let me do some checking. I thought I got em all posted, but I have been scatter-brained lately!!! I'll check this evening and let you know either way. Did you send it to me directly or to Lone Sapper in NY? Thanks for your patience


To You :)

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HEY YA, I sent my coins off yesterday :D - They made me fill out the green customs form


Let me do some checking. I thought I got em all posted, but I have been scatter-brained lately!!! I'll check this evening and let you know either way. Did you send it to me directly or to Lone Sapper in NY? Thanks for your patience


To You :D


Do you think you got any anonymous envelopes :D ? (sometimes I neglect to add my name to the inside But going over there I had to put it on the outside)


Even though I KNOW I sent to this , AND my package may not have gotten there . i shall Not give up on supporting our troops :D !

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Sent my box off a few days ago....ATC, you should be getting it any day now.


This year, I'm on the giving end of this event instead of the receiving end....nonetheless, I want to thank everyone who donated/is donating. You just don't know how much it is VERY appreciated to the guys and gals downrange who are the recipients of your gifts.


Have fun over there and keep your heads down!!!






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MAN!!!! We just finished up with the Event about an hour ago and it was a great time!! I actually felt relaxed and I can't remember when the last time that happened!! I will post my 'Attended" log later tonight when I get done at work. I can upload all my pictures from there.


Thanks again to all the great people out there for the terrific donations. We had donations from Canada, Korea, Japan, the US and Germany. A true coalition of geocachers. What an awesome thing ya'll did, pulling together and sending all the Geocoins, Path Tags, Pins, SWAG and containers over here.


There were about four different cameras snapping away so be on the lookout for some pictures soon!



RLTW~Sua Asponte

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