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Oregon question

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Since the Oregon has such a great owners manuel, I need to ask a question. One of the worst owners manuels I have seen... I love the unit however.


How the heck do you delete downloaded caches that you have found? and leave ones that you still need to find?


A nother question, for some reason I do not see a few casches that I have downloaded in the geocasche section but can find them on the map?


By the way the newest software has been installed trouble free... so far.


thanks all



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You can either have the whole GPX file they cam in or not. Deleting the GPX is the only way to get rid of them but everything goes.


Once you find them - you mark them as found and they don't show up anymore. So it should be no problem. Also, you should be trying to download fresh data from the website as often as possible so you do not chase down caches you shouldn't. I've no problem with the methodology.

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What has been said is true. There is no way to delete a geocache on the unit itself the only way to delete a cache is the removal of the gpx file that the cache came from.


This used to bother me but in practice I actually think it makes sense:


1) The unit allows you "hide" found caches by marking them as such -- they get taken off the unfound list so you don't see them any longer in your searches, etc. The next time you load your unfound geocaches gpx file it won't contain the caches you've found so they will eventually get removed as they are archived or found.


2) You can't accidentally delete (or modify) a geocache. I can't tell you how many times I've done this by accident with a geocache waypoint on the 60csx. In this respect geocaches are more like POI's and I think deserve to be "read-only" entities.


That said, I really wish there was a way to add child/related waypoints to a geocache for multi/mystery caches. But even as part of that solution I would advocate for not letting the user modify the imported geocache data, just add/link to it.



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That is kind of crazy not to be able to delete a downloaded cache??? any other experts?


Depending on how you cache, it's not that crazy. There are enough changes over a week or so that I need to redo what's on my GPS, whether it's my new Oregon or my old 60CSx. Since found caches or archived caches aren't in my PQ, my weekly download provides up to date information. And since the found caches, as noted in other places on this thread, don't really clutter anything up at this point, I don't feel the need to clean up - and didn't with my 60CSx either.


To me, the ability to generate and import field notes more than makes up for having to drive by open treasure boxes until next Friday.

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