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NGS Reports. Long time between uploads.


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For the NGS staff:


There is a lot of discussion in the Benchmark Hunting forum, and privately, about why it takes so long for our reports to be uploaded to the database. We're hoping that someone can share the reason. Is it workload? Technical problems?


Having an explanation would be reassuring to our group that we're not sending reports in the wrong format, or clogging the system in some way. The last upload of GEOCAC recovery reports seems to have been in the first couple of days of August, which translates to the July submissions.


While we would enjoy a little more in the way of "instant gratification" for our work, that's not the entire story. There are two other reasons that timely updates are desirable. First, our motivation is to provide current information for professional surveyors to use. Second, it prevents duplication by allowing individuals to see if there has been a recent report on a particular station.


Thanks in advance for your input.



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Well said, Paul. Also, most of us keep track of our submissions (via spreadsheets, etc) to verify that we submitted our information for a particular PID & avoid accidental duplication (as this shows up on the permanent record :) ). I must admit that I am guilty at times of entering a large batch at one session - would it be more beneficial for the NGS to enter them in smaller quantities more often?


And again, thanks for allowing us to contribute to the database in the first place!


- Eric

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I've also wondered about batch size. I assumed that a large batch is more efficient than many small ones. But that may not be the case.


Regarding the duplication, I agree about the record-keeping by individuals. The other potential problem comes when an area has several folks who submit reports. There have been several cases in Wake County where one of us pulled fresh datasheets and headed out, only to find later that someone else was working the same set of marks.


It is less likely to happen, now that the Power Squadron has moved on to other things. As for the GEOCAC bechmark hunters, those of us in the Raleigh area made a pact to upload our finds to the geocaching database immediately. That way, each of us can see what has been recovered--even if it does not yet show in the NGS records.



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