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hiding a cache

Team Zerck

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Go to your cache page and read the note that your reviewer left for you on September 30th. The note explains why your cache cannot be published.


As the cache owner, a copy of this note should have been sent to you as a log notification. Check your e-mail inbox and spam folder.

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Make sure you have checked the line that says "Yes, this cache is active" line. I usually work on the descriptions for a few days before actually wanting it activated so I don't check this. When it's finally done, you check it and then it can be reviewed. The last one I did, I forgot to do that, and then wondered for a few days why it hadn't been reviewed. DUH, my mistake!!!


Good luck with your first cache!



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I hate to butt in, but I really don't think this is nesessary. We have had numberous posts in this thread all saying the same thing, to read and understand the guidelines. I think one would be sufficient. It's great that you all want to help others, and so do I and so do tons of other people, but one person posting the answer if fine. If you come across a post and that would be the asnwer, do the polite thing don't repost it. It is really impolite and is in a way spam.


I'm sorry if this has offended any posters, but honestly...

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The OP's cache did not meet the listing guidelines. It's hidden less than 528 feet away from no fewer than three other caches. In these circumstances, "read the guidelines" is very good advice. :rolleyes:


As stated in my prior post, the owner needs to read and respond to the reviewer's note, left on the cache page very shortly after submission. Once the owner has selected a different hiding place that meets the guidelines, the cache can be published.

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