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I used a hacked C310x for the first 50-60 caches I found. It worked ok and was accurate. I now have an Oregon 400t and find it much easier to use. The Mio isn't water proof and it is a pain to get data into it. You also have to be moving before the mio knows direction because it doesn't have a compass. If you can patch it to be able to turn off some antenna features that aren't in the menu, it becomes a little better for walking. Turn off the "keep position on road" setting and turn it to pedestrian make a huge difference.

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I've recently starting Geocaching and use a Mio Digiwalker C520. My only complaint is the fact that if you look at your current coordinates, they don't update too quickly so you have to spend a few minutes trying to figure out if you are 'hot' or 'cold'. Also no built in compass on mine, suggest grabbing a compass :blink: but overall it does the job for me :(

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