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"Assistant" Benchmark Hunters


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Here is a photo of Zack, letting me know I'd better not mess with his Datasheets right now...perhaps later he will let me log my finds.


I'm guessing that I'm not the only one who has a team of assistants helping out with one aspect of the job or another.


Perhaps you'd like to show us the other members of your team....



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Assistant son making sure he got a picture when we stopped to ask the locals about Scrabble / ES0987 (and yes, there is a Hard / ES1166 nearby although we didn't get it that day.)




That's him in the background with one of the RM's in the foreground.




Ok, couple more.


GreatKate85053, Eric and Robert on the way to Rover / ES0997 and BOUNDARY MON 26 MARICOPA YAVAPAI / ES0998




resting at the top.



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One of our two cats, Tiger, likes to make her presence be known when I am trying to use the computer to scout for benchmark rich locations, download .loc files, and get datasheets. She'll hop up on the desk, walk in front of my face a few times, then plop herself down on the keyboard and mouse. Sometimes she actually hops up onto my shoulders and tries to lay on me.



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