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Amandazon Personal Geocoin - Announcement Now For Sale

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Amandazon Personal Geocoin


I'm announcing this for my friend Amandazon who asked us to design her coin.


"Om side inspired by my passion for yoga. Island side I wanted to have Victoria on it and Vancouver Island and I love to climb mountains so The_Draglings came up with superimposing Vancouver Island on to Victoria Peak the 3rd highest Mountain on Vancouver Island at 2,163M. "


Geocaching.com trackable, Icon, size: 1.75 inch diameter, 4.5mm thick, 3D, cost:$11 plus shipping plus_per extra coin.


Available from Amandazon at her release event or here or email her directly from her GC profile


This coin was designed by The_Draglings


Geocoin Release Party Event

Event Date: 10/9/2008

Cake and Coins GC1GDFW



7 different coins: 1 Classic edition and 4 Limited editions, 2 Artist’s editions :


Classic om: Purple om on blue background (200) Sandblasted silver with translucent enamel. (Original minting was 200 mistake on cointracking says 1000)

Limited: Amber om on brown (100), Sandblasted black nickel

Limited: Crimson om on brown (100), Sandblasted gold

Limited: Glow in the dark yellow om with blue (50), Sandblasted silver

Artist’s edition: Purple glitter om with blue (2), Polished silver Sold Out

Artist’s edition: Crimson om with brown (2), Polished gold Sold Out

Trades only: Purple glitter om on blue (50)









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I'm not sure what she is charging for shipping on extra coins so I will let Amandazon answer that directly, I doubt it is $2.50 per coin but some extra is to be expected. These coins are heavier than your average coin out of necessity due to the 3D. :P


Those are Beautiful!! But the shipping?? $2.50 for each additional coin

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Sorry about the shipping - the coins are coming from Canada and I am only charging exactly what the post office is charging me - in fact I am losing money on coins being sent Internationally :) Please feel free to let me know how many coins you want and your postal code - I will check to see the exact cost of the coins and only charge you that amount. Amandazon

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I really like these coins and will be looking to trade down the road if anyone is interested. Budget on coins is being stretched too much right now to get this one!

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Had a great time at Amandazons Cake and Coins Birthday party and coin release event today, even won a classic Amandazon Ohm coin for guessing where she was born, yeah! :blink:


I was told that I forgot to mention that this coin was produced by the Landsharkz in the first post, I was reminded of my omission at the event. Sorry Sharkz the brain aint what it use to be. :laughing:

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