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Amandazon Personal Geocoin - Announcement Now For Sale

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Amandazon Personal Geocoin


I'm announcing this for my friend Amandazon who asked us to design her coin.


"Om side inspired by my passion for yoga. Island side I wanted to have Victoria on it and Vancouver Island and I love to climb mountains so The_Draglings came up with superimposing Vancouver Island on to Victoria Peak the 3rd highest Mountain on Vancouver Island at 2,163M. "


Geocaching.com trackable, Icon, size: 1.75 inch diameter, 4.5mm thick, 3D, cost:$11 plus shipping plus_per extra coin.


Available from Amandazon at her release event or here or email her directly from her GC profile


This coin was designed by The_Draglings


Geocoin Release Party Event

Event Date: 10/9/2008

Cake and Coins GC1GDFW



7 different coins: 1 Classic edition and 4 Limited editions, 2 Artist’s editions :


Classic om: Purple om on blue background (200) Sandblasted silver with translucent enamel. (Original minting was 200 mistake on cointracking says 1000)

Limited: Amber om on brown (100), Sandblasted black nickel

Limited: Crimson om on brown (100), Sandblasted gold

Limited: Glow in the dark yellow om with blue (50), Sandblasted silver

Artist’s edition: Purple glitter om with blue (2), Polished silver Sold Out

Artist’s edition: Crimson om with brown (2), Polished gold Sold Out

Trades only: Purple glitter om on blue (50)









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I'm not sure what she is charging for shipping on extra coins so I will let Amandazon answer that directly, I doubt it is $2.50 per coin but some extra is to be expected. These coins are heavier than your average coin out of necessity due to the 3D. :P


Those are Beautiful!! But the shipping?? $2.50 for each additional coin

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Sorry about the shipping - the coins are coming from Canada and I am only charging exactly what the post office is charging me - in fact I am losing money on coins being sent Internationally :) Please feel free to let me know how many coins you want and your postal code - I will check to see the exact cost of the coins and only charge you that amount. Amandazon

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Had a great time at Amandazons Cake and Coins Birthday party and coin release event today, even won a classic Amandazon Ohm coin for guessing where she was born, yeah! :blink:


I was told that I forgot to mention that this coin was produced by the Landsharkz in the first post, I was reminded of my omission at the event. Sorry Sharkz the brain aint what it use to be. :laughing:

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