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Anyone claim Hold-Up -- by Brewster?


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OK, here's the story...went caching Sunday and ended up looking for Indian Dan (GC6A37) but decided it looked too snaky for me and considering I'd seen a rattler walking up to the location, I decided I'd come back later in the fall.


However, up pops up another cache on my GPS named Hold-Up. For some odd reason when I got this GPS a few years ago I dropped the GC name and only had the cache name on it. Now I am sure I downloaded it a few years ago and just got around to looking for it.


It didn't take long before I had the micro cache in hand and was very surprised to see a totally blank log book, except for the coordinates. Hmmm, new log I wonder? But when I went to log it, I can't seem to find it. I looked on the finds list of others who have found Indian Dan hoping I'd find it archived, but no luck still. I'd like to contact the owner and let them know it has been found and I'd be happy to collect it and mail it to them if they'd like to reestablish it elsewhere.


Oh, it's not listed on Terra or Navicaching either I double checked and I would have orginally downloaded it from Geocaching's website anyway.


Anyone know this belongs to? Anyone know how to find an archived cache like this one? Anyone have the GC number still on their GPS...maybe that would help me find it. My curiosity has taken hold!



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Looks like you found one of the stages of this cache. That's why there were no other signatures on the paper.


Yep, that's it. Odd that the first container is still there. I think I know who the MuddyChiro is and when I go back to find Indian Dan (after the snakes den up), I'll grab the container and return it to the owner. I want to upgrade to either the Colorado or Oregon GPSr...I would have known it was a multi cache.


Thanks for your help. Is there is trick to finding archived caches like this one if you don't have the GC number?

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Thanks for your help. Is there is trick to finding archived caches like this one if you don't have the GC number?


I have a slight advantage in that, as a reviewer, I see all caches when I do a search. That includes archived caches and never published caches. The search results will only return published & non-archived caches to non-reviewers.

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