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GAGB annual elections

Bill D (wwh)
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As well as being for those who don't read pinned topics, this thread also serves well for replies that don't really belong in the pinned topic.


This year there will be an election for the committee (but not yet for chairman), there already being more candidates properly nominated than seats on the committee.


I'd like to thank PopUpPirate and MarkandLynn for proposing and seconding my nomination for election to the committee. My personal manifesto is here: http://www.gagb.co.uk/forums/showpost.php?...mp;postcount=85


I hope this resonates with you and will meet with your support.


Best regards, Roderick

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When I went to the GAGB site I was invited to renew my membership, which I did, but just a thought, if I had not done so, would I still have had a vote?


Until that happened, I had been unaware that I needed to renew anything :D

Yes. The Returning Officer and I will be checking user names and email addresses of voters to ensure all voters are members of GAGB itself, and if there are any uncertain ones I'll pursue them. In your case of course, I know you're genuine anyway! :laughing:


Members who haven't logged in for six months or a year, I forget which offhand, become lapsed, but only have to log in again to renew. It keeps a lot of dead wood out of the way - the people who do a cache or two, sign up, and then lose interest.

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The voting procedure for GAGB's Committee election can be found here.


A big bump, if your a full member of the GAGB this is your chance to say how your association will be run for the next 12 months. If you don't vote, you can't moan if the elected committee takes the association in a direction you don't like.



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