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Has anybody else noticed what a difference that the light makes in finding a cache? Some times I think it's better to look at night so you can at least point a flashlight at the suspected area instead of being blinded by sunlight everywhere but the spot you need. Other times the time of day makes all the difference as the angle of the sun cahnges so much. Any rules or tips for light?

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It all depends on the cacher.


Some cachers prefer lots of bright daylight becuase they can vastly search for a cache. They can see an area at a big glace and sometimes that helps from looking far away. Some people search better this way and others don't.


Some prefer a flashlight because they can concentrate on a certain area. This is mostly prefered for micro caches because some blend in so well that a bit of light can put them in focus in an instant. This can go for other caches surley as well.


Now, there are the odd night caches that are constructed of materials that must be found at night or with a flashlight. I know there is one in my area that brings you to a location and you have to follow a trail of reflectors on trees. Reflectors are only well spotted with a flashlight at night.


Personally, I like the daylight. I don't know why, it's just when I search at later times when the light is dim, I just don't find caches that easily or for some reason don't find them at all. It's just the way I look I guess.


So in conclusion, it depends on your techniques.

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