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Geocache Bandit Mystery Geocoin

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Gimme a moment to blow. Well I was headed to Dunkin for an Arbuckle and Bear Sign (that's coffee and donuts for you Dudes), when I saw me a glint in the corner of my eye. I strode up to the mailbox just past the Bone Orchard yonder, and drew down the box, it weren't a Dinero, but was far more valuable a Geobandit coin in one of them fancy, cutting a swell black bubble mailers. I had my own personal Fandango! WooWee! You just made my day and make a mash doing it! I wasn't on the shoot, but now, I am flush! :D


Glad I won't have to dicker one of these fine as gravy coins! A heap of thank yous on you!

Here's how! :anitongue:




Now if you are at sea about what I said, just so's you know. I be appreciating this here coin I got in the mail. :(

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I haven't been on the forum for a few days, but I got roped in last week too!!!! (I have #210)


Many thanks once again Geo-Bandit, it's a beautiful little coin and I feel very honoured to have been given one. Loved the black padded mailer and stamp too...I've got them stashed safely away as well. :anitongue: 2426_rose.gif

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I haven't been on the forum for a few days, but I got roped in last week too!!!! (I have #210)


Many thanks once again Geo-Bandit, it's a beautiful little coin and I feel very honoured to have been given one. Loved the black padded mailer and stamp too...I've got them stashed safely away as well. :mad: 2426_rose.gif


SWEETIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE my lovely girl OHHHHHHHHHH this make my day sooooo good...........

CONGRATZZZZZZZZZZ that you been roped as i know how you doing....i`m so happy for you JIPIEE JA JEE




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I Came home today from walking with Error and i saw a blue envelop, so i thought that is for mr geo.error.

But i picked the blue envelop up and saw a geo-bandit stamp.


And i go: Wwhoooooooooooootttttttttt


The Geo-bandit has found me :D:D:D:D






This Geo.Error woman is roped and it feelssssss daarn good :D




Thanks Geo-Bandit for thinking at me :D , thanks for being so generous and Thanks for the big smile you give to me, this smile will last for a long time


Congrats to all others who are roped, i am happy for you all :D:D:D




The number off the coin is 004.

I borrowed photos from others who were ropped.

We make a flip flap but the weather most get better, so i hope in the weekend.


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hey ive been roped in by the geo-bandit :D it was a great surprise as i had initially woken up in a grumpy mood, but when the mail arrived and i spied a black bubble mailer and spotted the geo-bandit stamp on it it really did turn my frown upside down.


thanks geo-bandit for the fabulous surprise coin, its my first mystery coin ive received.




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I was totally amazed and surprised to see a black bubble wrap on my doorstep today, and discover a Geo_Bandit coin inside. I never dreamed one of these would make it to my door and am so delighted. It's going to have a special place in my collection folder.


Thank you so much Geo_Bandit for putting a huge smile on my face.



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cowboyve5.gif I got roped, I got roped!!woohoo.gif Part of the Posse now. #201 woohoo.gifcowboyve5.gif

Thank you so much Geo_Bandit

The more I look at this coin, heck the mailer, stamp, card, involved with this mystery coin, the more I envy, am in awe of the generosity of Geo_Bandit and other mystery coin givers and all the smiles they are providing to others. I am sure that my, and others, Thank You just doesn`t seem enough to us receivers. Once again a small but a much more deeply meaning Thank You to you and other mystery coin givers.

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All day yesterday in bed with fluelike symptoms, I draged myself to work this morning.

What a huge surprise, when I came home, to find a bubble mailer in the mailbox.

But no ordinary bubblemailer, no! A huge black one it was!


Guess what? I've been roped as well! Jipppie!

Thank you so much, Geo_Bandit, your coin let me smile for the rest of the afternoon and let me quite forget about my headache!


By the way, I'm posse member #257!







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I'm very happy for you Error. I'm sure you were very glad and had a big smile when you found out that you have been roped. I think you're having a very happy week :D

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I want a bandana like that, where can I get one? :laughing:


Thank you, Geo_Bandit, for your generosity and bringing smiles to all those coiners.

It's a truly delightful design.

(I love the earrings, I never go without earings myself...)


Regards, ElliPirelli

After being roped in today, (I still can't believe it and have to get the coin out of my jeanspocket every few minutes!) I discovered that the bandana is actually coming to us shortly!


I can't wait for it. Thank you so much, Geo_Bandit, for making this bandana available for us and also for yet another generous donation!

This will be a must for all of us bandana wearing cachers! :laughing: I certainly will be wanting one!

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Yesterday was a long day for me. I went to work. I worked from 8am to 4pm. I got off of work and flew (er I mean drove) to the FD and put on my uniform. Then I helped out at our Light Up night parade. Then I got home and low and behold on the table was a black bubble mailer. I grab it and went upstairs to my room and opened it up. Inside was Geo_Bandit #109. Whoo Wooo I was very happy now and all the stress and tired from all that work went away. I just got my first mystery coin.


Thank you who every you are Geo_Bandit.


I was very surprised to be roped in also.


kf4oox - Paul

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Oh, the mystery! Oh, the drama! Oh, the joy!


I got roped in - I'm #271 of the ropees!


And, indeed, the super-looking mystery coin provided - and continues to provide - many smiles! :ph34r::ph34r::ph34r:

The whole package - from the stamp, mailer, your card, and the coin - is so cool. :ph34r:


Sorry that it took me so long to acknowledge your gift. I do believe you've given me a second wind for getting out and caching and geocoining! I haven't been feeling well for awhile. But Shadow (the geodog) misses being out on the trail! So, perhaps you've given Shadow and me a gift, on several levels!! :ph34r:


Thanks, SO MUCH, Geo_Bandit for your gift and providing so many people with smiles!!

Yee-haw! I'm getting my boots on!



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I too got roped into the Posse!! Got home and found it in the mail... All i know is that its someone from California and it was shipped on the 13th of November. It even has its own Stamp


My "Badge Number" is 278.


I wonder what the criteria is for getting these... not that i'm complaining!!!

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This is so cool I too have been roped in!!!! I'm glad mine made it to me being my address is 2428 and all it had was 428. It pays to know your mailman!!

I was impressed with the packaging as well as the coin. I just wish there was some way for the Geo-Bandit to see each and every smile that they created along the way. I hope when the bandit reads that they will know I had a huge smile on my face and still do!! Thanks so much for turning my day around.


Posse member 087

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I've been waiting over a week for a couple of Hoyt Axton CD's that I ordered through Amazon. (Gotta love Hoyt!! :D )

Disappointment at their absence in the mailbox turned to elation when I spied that now familiar black bubbler. ;)

Count Tethys C as 'roped in' and part of the posse.


Thanks Geo-Bandit B) - number 253 will be treasured always. :)

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Weee Dawgie!!


I've had one of these sitting on the shelf for a couple of weeks now and didn't even know it!! :)


I was out of town working on a sign install job for a couple of days and it came while I was gone.

My wife had laid it on the shelf where I put all my geocaching stuff thinking that I'd find it. Unfortunately it's one of those dry spells in geocaching at the moment, so I haven't even picked up my GPS & stuff off the shelf since the first week of October when we went on vacation.

Heading out of town ASAP after I get off work on Wednesday to a cabin in the mountains for the coming Thanksgiving weekend, so I thought I'd load a few of the area's caches in my GPS tonight.

When low and behold, "What's this?" ;)




I been roped in by the Bandit!!


Thanks! The details in the bandana are an awesome feature!! B)


D-man :lol:

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What a night! I got a blip in my inbox about some new published caches, so I thought "what the heck" at 10:45pm...right? Who's with me? Anyhow, I went out, got the FTF and was very happy. Grabbed a few caches on my way home and ended up at a perfect 600! I was very glad to know I made the milestone and would be on my way to 1000 by the spring </fingers crossed>! I still had not checked the real mail today and thought I'd take a look; I was expecting a new bike saddle from eBay any day now.


Lo and behold I felt a mailer in the box. At first I thought it was a trade from n8turgrl, but flipped through the mail while wrestling the dog's leash. I glanced through the mail and kept on to the door. But, to my surprise, it was a BLACK MAILER! Hmm, I thought, could this be??


Sure a shootin', there it was! My very first Mystery coin! YAHOOO! Yippee-eye-kai-aye! Thanks you Geo_Bandit! You sure know how to get a man's heart back in the rodeo! Thanks for the boost! ;)

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I opened the box at the post office this morning, crammed right full of catalogs....again! Where do these companies come from and how the heck do they get my address??? Dragged the armload back to work and started to make my way through them...clothes, garden supplies, bike stuff, chocolate, cheesecakes, pecans.....a BLACK bubble mailer??!!? ;)


A quick look at the stamp....BIG SMILE!! :) We have been roped in!!! #115, where do we pick up our horses???


Thank You Geo_Bandit, you made my morning bright! :D

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One of Geo_Bandit's biggest fans just got roped in!!




:unsure: You almost made Chuck Norris cry, however, only Chuck Norris can make Chuck Norris cry!


:D Chuck Norris can roundhouse-kicked a Geo_Bandit Geocoin into 200 micro Geo_Bandit geocoins!


:D If you have a Geo_Bandit geocoin and Chuck Norris has a Geo_Bandit geocoin, Chuck Norris' Geo_Bandit geocoin is better than yours!


:ph34r: Finally, Chuck Norris' cowboy boots are made from real cowboys!


:) Thanks for making my day! :)



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