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Mystery Halloween Geocoin


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You are going to get sick from all that candy Mike :blink:


The coin keeps looking better and better :D

You are Right i am going to get sick if I keep all of this. I am sure if I think real hard i will figure out how not to get so sick from all of this?

I also ordered 4 more of these great looking coins and some other stuff to throw on the pile of goodies. :o

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Yep i should have known you would figure out a way to get rid of all that candy....BY STOCKING MY KIDS UP ON IT TONIGHT AT THE EVENT.....mean mean mean....pay back time i tell ya!! :D

LOL! I could not wait all day for this and your kids will love this forever. SHHHHHH dont tell your mom i gave this to you. Hide this quick. What do I tell her if she sees it? tell her I gave it to you and she cant have NONE.

Ps did you ordered some more Halloiween Mystery Geocoins today

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Yep i should have known you would figure out a way to get rid of all that candy....BY STOCKING MY KIDS UP ON IT TONIGHT AT THE EVENT.....mean mean mean....pay back time i tell ya!! B)


He did give your kids candy, i think your kids love river cacher now :D:grin:;)


it is nice you can meet each other on a event :)


Do you know i want to buy a halloween card to send to somebody, no card shop has that :D


But my witch hangs outside, so a little bit halloween. :lol:


i hope you all have a good halloween :D

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We have now cut off pre-sales. Here are the rest of the images:











We will have about 10 of each coin left after we ship out the pre-sales. Once pre-sales are sent out, we will put the rest on the site for people to pick up.

Well, did this work in the way that you hoped?? Congratulations on a job well done(on the coin and the release program) It's been fun!

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:anibad: Glad everyone liked these!


It was a really fun coin to work on. :D


Folks wonder where us designers get our creative ideas. Sometimes it's just having the ability to see something in something else.


The guys at Geoswag.com had contacted me and asked if I had any good ideas for a Halloween coin. I told them nothing right off the top of my head at the moment but I'd get back to them with something in the next few days.


The next day I'm sitting at the sign shop (my day job) waiting on a banner to finish printing. I had bought a bag of candy corn at the dollar store across the street and was munching on them. Just to pass the time I started creating designs with the pieces of candy. Suddenly I realized the pattern below resembled a compass rose. (Must be the geocacher in me!! LOL B) )




Ooohhh!! What an awesome idea!! Who doesn't like a compass rose coin!!??!!

I couldn't get home fast enough that afternoon to get to designing it. (The boss at the sign shop kinda frowns on me designing my own stuff on his time! :) ) After several revisions and adding other Halloween-ish elements we get the final design. (Someone mentioned black cats. I wished I'd included them too. :D )


:lol: Hmmmm... turkey legs, santa hats, hearts, shamrocks, bunnies... Ooooo!! I can see a reoccuring holiday theme set evolving in my mind now!! :P


What do you think? :(


D-man B)

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cool, I didn't know the ghosts glowed. I got mine a few days ago, along with my 4 Musketeers Assassin coin. These coins look great, and are big and heavy, the largest I've gotten. Of course, I only have... 12 coins plus one MIA, so not so much to judge by


thanks for coming out with this cool coin

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