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Dog Treats


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How do people feel about dog treats as leave behinds, provided they're ziploc'd up?


My owners had seen some people leave dog treats before they got me, and so when they set me up an account they thought it would be nice to leave behind treats for other puppies. Of course they put the treats in ziploc bags, and no cache they've left them in has been listed as needs maitenance, but another geocacher just sent us a note that they pulled the treats so that squirrels wouldn't eat through the cache to get them. That makes sense, I suppose, but I can't find any instance of it happening (I'm sure it must've at least a few times) and the user got them two months after we put it in, so the squirrels hadn't gotten in in that time.


So what do other people think? I think it's plausible enough that we're going to switch to something new to leave behind, but is it okay to leave a dog biscut in a plastic baggie behind? Have you seen caches ruined by this kind of thing? Is there anywhere that lists what's acceptable to put into caches?




MacKenzie Puppy

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I've never personally seen a cache destroyed for a dog treat. Unfortunately though dog treats would still be considered food, and very well could attract other animals. Even inside a ziploc they could attract critters. So it's probably best not to leave them.


Edit to add:


The general guidelines can be found here.


From the guidelines


Cache Contents

Use your common sense in most cases. Explosives, fireworks, ammo, lighters, knives (including pocket knives and multi-tools), drugs, alcohol or other illicit material shouldn't be placed in a cache. As always respect the local laws. Geocaching is a family activity and cache contents should be suitable for all ages.


Food items are ALWAYS a BAD IDEA. Animals have better noses than humans, and in some cases caches have been chewed through and destroyed because food items (or items that smell like food) are in the cache. Even the presence of mint flavored dental floss has led to destruction of one cache.


If the original cache contents list any of the above items or other questionable items, or if a cache is reported to have the questionable items, the cache may be disabled, and the owner of the cache will be contacted and asked to remove the questionable items before the cache is enabled.

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Gosh, Puppy, I don't think it would be a real good idea. Skunks, mice, racketycoons and all the other forest critters have noses at least as good as yours and can smell dog biscuits and other food right through plastic bags and other containers. They will tear up a cache to get them. I've got a couple of your cousins who live at my house and I think they can smell CANNED dog food with the can still closed. If I bring home a bag with human chow in it there is no reaction. Bringing in a bag with their food in it makes them jump around crazily and beg for their dinner. Now if your human wanted to leave a dog toy or a leash or collar so the finder can walk his human then that would be great, but please no food.


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Yeah, like Isaid, while I haven't seen it, it makes sense. Any good suggestions for dog themed things to leave behind? :(


Hmm, well nothing I can think of that would be as inexpensive as dog treats. Maybe various kinds of dog toys. Maybe even something that could be homemade easily, like a rope to tug on, like I've seen in stores, or a cloth doll of sorts....something along those lines. Well, I guess since you're without opposible thumbs, that would be something to ask your owner to do. :)

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As in all walks of life, there will be the bad mixed in with the good. As a dog owner I won't feed my geopuppy any treat from any source I didn't personally know. Too many incidents a few years back of poisoned food being left behind to bait innocent animals leaves me wary.


:( That's horrible! But yeah, we've agreed that leaving treats, while of good intent, was a bad idea.


I sent my owner out on lunch to get some squeaky tennis balls. Hopefully they'll fit in the caches...

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Dog treats are animal food.

Animals have an amazing sense of smell.

Bears, moose and other animals can destroy an ammo box for some treats.

Don't do it. Please.


P.S. There's nothing worse than steping in dog doo in the woods where their owner doesn't pck up after them since after all, 'it's in the woods'.


Yes, there is. Human doo. Ask me how I know. :(


To the OP, if you have a Dollar Tree near you, they have lots of dog toys for $1 or even 2 for $1.

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Like the person above me said the Dollar Tree or Dollar General. I was at the Dollar G. yesterday and thought about buying some geo pup toys to leave behind. I bought some dog themed playing cards instead.


At a cache we visited last weekend someone made little clay dog bones and decorated them with the Geopup's name. That was real cute but I didn't have anything equal to trade for it. :(

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Bandanas, chew toys. Take a walk in the dog section at wallyworld and you'll spot good swag. In case no one has mentioned it - no food. :P It may last, but it'll only be a matter of time before an animal pays a visit. Even if it's an ammo can (isn't honey the only food that don't spoil?)

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P.S. There's nothing worse than stepping in dog doo in the woods where their owner doesn't pick up after them since after all, 'it's in the woods'.


Holy cats! who would let an animal go scat in the woods!


and you call yourself a cacher. :P


Come spend a day on the farm. Bring boots.


hmm, now that I think about it harvest season is coming up. Riding in or even driving a Combine. Driving tractors hauling grain, hay rack rides, big dinners after a hard days work. Beer. The satisified feeling of accomplishment.


Hmmm, sounds like an event.

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