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Oregon good to go?

Tru3 Blu3 AL

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Well, I've done quite a bit of research on the Oregon vs. Colorado vs. 60CSx and from what I can see, the 60CSx is the most accurate, however, it doesn't allow for paperless Geocaching which I would really like. So, I have the Colorado right now and honestly, after using it for various things for the past 4 months I can't say I'm blown away by it.


So, since I haven't really gotten into the Colorado all that much, would it be safe to say that the Oregon is better at this point and at this point it's the better Geocaching GPSr?


I don't mind exchanging the Colorado for the Oregon so just a little convincing testimonies would help :ph34r:


Thanks in advance.

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My neighbor has the Colorado and I have the Oregon. I've used his for caching once in a while before I got the Oregon. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Oregon over the Colorado. The interface is easier and faster to use on the Oregon. The Colorado because of the antennae is faster on getting a signal and a little better at keeping it, but for me the interface on the Oregon makes up for it.

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I had three defective CO's and Garmin finally gave me a OR instead.


It is hard to believe the same company created both devices. On a scale of 1 to 10, the OR is a 8 (60 is a 10) and the CO is a -15


Many improvements requested for the CO are already in the OR. It does not have the position drift problem (so far), and most important, the back is waterproof unlike the CO.

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