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I have been thinking of getting a PDA.


What is a good one to get in this day & age. Am prepared to spend $300-$400 on one.


Lets here your recommendations.


I will be using mainly for addresses, notes while on the road. In doing some looking online, there are a lot of choices. The one I am using now is a Garmin IQue 3600, but the gps has quit working and I have not contacted Garmin yet to see if they will fix it or not. I really liked the garmin while on the road and getting around someplace new, as long as I had the street address in it ahead of time. Are there any of the new ones out now that have the gps?

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I use Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox N560, has TomTom for roads, memory map for detailed hike/walks.


Using extended battery (lasts + 6hrs). Can connect to mobile phone for live updates (I do not really connect to the web this way a lot) via bluetooth, connects to PC/ laptop either wifi or USB for downloading waypoints to from PC. Very fast processor and great screen resoultion which is still one of the best to date.


Get a waterproof skin/ holder to protect unit from rain and if you drop the unit.


Also get a 2nd battery or a usb battery just in case.


unfortunately not available now, only 2md hand from ebay.

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