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Need some input to go completely paperless


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I'm currently useing my Garmin GPSmap 60CX which I do really like. I've also been Using GSAK and using it to load waypoints from pocket quieries to my GPS and Streets & Trips on my laptop. So in order to be paperless, I keep the laptop in the car and use streets & trips to get close and then make notes and updat in GSAK for logging on the site later.


However, I'd like to eliminate the laptop and be able to go with less pre-planning. I do have street maps for my garmin BTW so I'm sure I could eliminate Streets & trips.


I would also like to do this as inexpensively as possable. I was considering trying to get a palm on Ebay and using cachemate. Would this be my best idea? What Palm should I try to get? Or should I go a different route?


Thanks for any input.



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Yes, to get a Palm on Ebay and using cachemate would be a very good solution for a small price. I did just this when 1st going paperless two yrs ago. I went with a Palm IIIxe 8Mb, about the minimum I would suggest. Got mine for $15 and it worked great w/cachemate. I also have the 60Cx w/City Select and Topo 2008, all I need.

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I was using my PDA to keep all the notes on for paperless, but I was starting to think it might be easier to just pull out a piece of paper than to pull out the PDA, power it up, open up the text file, and search thru to find the right cache. So to take care of that paperless problem, I just got a DeLorme PN-20, it supports paperless caching by letting you read up to 800 letters/numbers of the cache description. It just came in the mail today, so I'll be giving it a go tomorrow, can't wait to see how it works!

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I was using my PDA to keep all the notes on for paperless, but I was starting to think it might be easier to just pull out a piece of paper than to pull out the PDA, power it up, open up the text file, and search thru to find the right cache.

When you talk about searching through a file to find the right cache, does that mean you had the information in one long text file? Not in a geocaching database program such as Cachemate? (Or whichever one is appropriate for your PDA.) If that's the case, no wonder you found the process tedious! A GPS receiver that can also hold text data, such as your PN-20 or a Colorado, is a nifty solution, but for the benefit of others, I just wanted to point out that there are other approaches using regular PDAs.



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The GSAK macro found here can load the "cache page" on any Garmin Cx/CSx. As the Cx/CSx GPSrs are limited to 88 characters per screen, it can be awkward compared to the new CO and OR. Nonetheless, it's considerably more cost effective and will allow you to cache without spending a bundle or carrying a second device (i.e., a PDA).

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I use a Delorme PN20, and my first step is to put the coordinates (cache and parking, if convenient) onto the GPSr as waypoints. Then I use the GPS to direct me to the parking waypoint, if I need it. fromthere I walk in, using the GPS very little until I'm pretty close.


Another thing I do is to save the cache web page on my PDA, and carry it with me. This makes it very easy to refer back to any cache page I might want to look at.


If I'm just browsing through caches and see one I might like to go after some time in the future, I load up these three things (the waypoints on the GPSr and the cache description on the PDA); then they're there, whenever I find myself in the area with a little spare time to go caching.


This is dead easy and requires very little fumbling aorund with the computer, which means more time out having fun!

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I have gone off the deep end you could say.

I use the PN-20, My cell phone/pda plus at times my laptop is along for the ride.

I use GSAK create a HTML file and load it onto my Cell/PDA. The GPX file goes into Topo 7 and then heads to the GPS. If situations develop and I need to print something then the laptop prints to the mobile printer.

I use a Cell phone amplifier connected to a high gain external antena this enables me to connect to the internet in some remote areas.

But you will find me usually with 1 page printed of the general area with caches.

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For the PDA, find one with a monochrome screen or transflective color screen. These are very viewable in direct sunlight.


I have a Palm Tungsten T and an M125.

The T has a transflective color display, and uses a non removable rechargable battery.

The M125 is monochrome and runs on 2 AAA cells.

Both of these allow you to turn the backlight off as it is not needed when you are in a well lit area.

Both have an sd card slot and the palm "universal" sync connector.

I use these with a Magellan GPS Companion GPSr that connect through the sync connector and clips to the back of the pda. I primarily us the T but when the battery gets low I can use the 125 as a backup.


on the palm pda I use Cetus GPS ( http://www.cetusgps.dk/ ) for geocaching, and on the PC I use GPSBabel to create pdb. html, and kml files from the gpx fiiles. The kml files are used with google earth for planning my caching "expeditions". I copy the html files to my laptop, and the pdb file is sent to the palm


CetusGPS includes some list management functions. It allows you to switch between multiple lists of cache entries and copy or move entries between lists. I start with empty lists for found, notfound, and maintneeded in addtions to a list called all that has my list of caches I havent looked for yet. after i search for one, i move the entry from "All" to the approiate list.


I recently got a garmin iQue 3600, but found that CetusGPS doesn't work well with it.

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