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Friendly reminder

Bergie Bunch
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Tomorrow starts archery season in ALL of Allegheny Co., Lehigh, Berks, Bucks, Montgomery,Chester, Lancaster, York, Lebanon Counties and parts of Butler, Beaver, Washington, Westmoreland, Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Deleware, and Northampton. These counties have a 2 week head start on the rest of the state. Please be aware of your surroundings, and wear you orange and bells. I have already found 1 cache this year placed directly under a tree stand. Lets all have a good time and be safe. And Happy hunting to cachers and hunters alike. :)

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Good reminder, Bergie!


Had an incident in our area this week; One hunter accidentally shot and killed his best friend. After calling 911 and leading authorities to the scene, the shooter then turned the gun on himself, commiting suicide.


When planning to cache anywhere where there's even a remote chance of hunters being around, for Heaven's sake wear BLAZE ORANGE :)

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Stick with orange, however, if you're geocaching on state lands open to hunting (including State Game Lands). The regulations require wearing 250 square inches of flourescent ORANGE material (not yellow) on the front, back and head combined.


Having seen a member of my hunting party cited for not having an orange hat, while he was wearing an orange jacket and pants, I have no doubt that an equally zealous game warden would write a ticket for wearing a yellow hat instead of an orange hat.

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I dont usually push a product, and I am not here, but this hat is the BEST hat i have seen. I wear it for traffic details for the Fire Departement, and also for hunting. Puts the standard blaze orange to shame!! The YELLOW is also awsome. I have both.




Hey I have both of these also. I got the orange one for use in the hunting areas while caching.


kf4oox - Paul

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