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Search Engine Geocoin - Pre-Sales


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Search Engine Geocoin ~ Pre-Sales


Order Here!


This coin just made sense. So here is it. Pick your search engine on the web but either way, while Geocaching "You are the search engine!"tm


Adding artwork pictures becasue the photos I have right now are not good.





"You are the Search Engine", The Groundspeak Tech Plus Nature Logo and the Groundspeak Geocaching.com logo are registered Trademarks of Groundspeak Inc. and used with permission. Becasue of the additional trademark usage, there was an additional licensing fee of $1.00 per coin on top of the tracking code fee. Icon will be purchased provided 250 coins are sold.

* There will be some changes to the coin from what is shown. The circles on the back will have black enanel added. On the black nickel version the black enamel will be white. The text boxes will have light gray enamel or sandblasting added. The letters in Geocaching will be imitation hard enamel. I fixed the green enamel color to closer resemble Google.


Coins expected to ship October 24, 2008.


Order Here!


*** There is a Black Nickel version but will only be shipped to those that see me at my GCF vendor table.

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*** There is a Black Nickel version but will only be shipped to those that see me at my GCF vendor table.

*sigh!* The only one I really want is the BN & I won't be able to go to GCF... *sigh*



Well if you have a friend at GCF I am sure they can order one for you.


Order will be going to mint after GCF so I will only be getting the quantity of BN that I need.

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HA HA.. I am on your email newsletter list. Reserved my coins!!! Nice design Mike. Hey, I know you...would you stop by your table and order me a black nickle version? :laughing: Please please? Jodi

Joe Friday is going and you know him. I am sure he will stop by. You are not going?


Nope, I have to work, work, work. Yes, I know Joe well, I am taking some TBs to Aussie for him. I am sure he will order me a coin or two. Thanks for the heads up. I should be in Denver around Thanksgiving, we should meet for a afternoon meal and a winter cache run. Have fun at the event Mike! Jodi

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Did someone say pre-sales. :o


If you were on my mailing list it would only be a reservation and not money up front. :)




I How can i be on you r mailing list?



Go to my website and on the contact page you can asked to be added. Won't help for this coin but will in the future.


Thank you.

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I was wondering, On the web site, these were going for $11.00 but on invoice, they are $11.50. Curious :laughing: .

The reservations were ar $11.50 including shipping and handling.


The pre-sales page was at $11.00 PLUS shipping and handling.


At 5 coins and more the price was pretty much the same. At less than 5 coins the reservations was a better deal and was only offered to my mailing list. the invoices that were sent today were for reservations. Sorry to confuse, I was trying to offer a discount to my mailing list. Will find a better way to do it in the future.



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The coins are in. They look much better than the samples. Here are the details I changed and I'll post new pictures later.

  • Sandblasted and Antique Finishes
  • Hard and Soft enamel - makes words and logo pop
  • Fixed some of the colors that were off.

I am excited by the fixes. I will have some left and will place on my site later this month.

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