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Neighboring Earthcaches


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I have a question that I would love to have as much input too as possible..... What should a Cacher to do.... when they go out, find and have all the information to set-up a Earthcache, just to find out after it has been submitted that there is another Earthcache not far from that very place and their EC is being denied because of this....


Should that person- A) accept defeat and fold, or :D rebuke the answer and research to find that this very thing has happened to a couple of other Cachers... and they were not denied. Do the requirements change from day to day or do they change from mood to mood? :lol:


Who has had this or something similar to this to happen to them when sitting up a Earthcache?


Just would like to know what you all think....... :laughing:

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Is this a case of the existing EarthCache has been there a while and you didn't realize it, or the two EarthCaches were submitted recently and only the first one got published?


In case 1, I'd say you are out of luck, that is part of the research of finding a location for an EarthCache. Log it as a find and move on.


If there is a different aspect to the feature you can focus on that is missing from the other EarthCache you should be able to submit that. I submitted one focused on the glacial aspects of the Devils PostPile NM that is a hundred feet or so from an EarthCache that focuses on the columnar jointing fo the PostPile. Mine only got published because the subject was quite different.


You could also find a similar feature nearby, say a mile away and see if you can get it approved.


In case 2, again, I don't think there is much to do :lol: . It would be just as inappropriate to raise a stink if you were trying to publish a traditional and someone submitted a traditional in the same location a few hours before you. I would expect that the distance for an EarthCache on the same subject and feature may be a bit larger. It would be silly to have an EarthCache every 0.1 mile around the same feature describing the same aspects. This is not a written rule on EarthCache.org, but just common sense.


However, this subject was brought up in an earlier thread. The circumstance may be slightly different but it sounds similar. The EarthCache approvers may have learned from that experience and adjusted thier internal guidelines. I think they are still developing the guidelines as more caches are submitted.


If you still want to use the same location, try to find a different geological aspect that was missed in the other EarthCache.

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