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Replacing Lost Earthcache Master Pin


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Hi folks,


Can anyone help? I received my bronze pin a month or so ago and had it on my hat the first event I went to a week or two later (Harvestfest 2008 in Ingersol, Ontario) and I guess the clasp came loose. The pin must have fallen off somewhere as it was gone when I got home but the clasp was still inside my hat (mind you, the other three pins I had on were still there).


I am kind of bummed now after losing the pin. I just submitted for my silver as I just placed my first Earthcache on Flowerpot Island off of Tobermory, Ontario and I would really like to keep a collection of these pins.


Does anyone know how I can get a replacement pin? I didn't see anything on their site. I don't mind paying if I need to.


Thanks for your help,



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